Top 7 Hindi Horror Thrillers on Netflix: Prepare for Chills!

Discover the best Hindi horror thrillers on Netflix. Brace yourself for a bone-chilling cinematic journey!

A haunting tale of folklore, revenge, and supernatural elements set in a rural village.

1) Bulbbul

An eerie horror film exploring greed, mythology, and a cursed ancestral treasure.

2) Tumbbad

A chilling miniseries that delves into a dystopian future with paranormal encounters.

3) Ghoul

A horror-comedy with a mysterious female spirit haunting a small town.

4) Stree

A gripping horror film depicting a woman with mysterious and supernatural powers.

5) Pari

An intense psychological horror movie exploring the consequences of greed and deceit.

6) Lupt

A Hindi-dubbed film with a group of soldiers encountering chilling supernatural occurrences during World War II.

7) Ghosts of War

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