10 Disappointing Hollywood Films of the Last Decade

It is often regarded as one of the worst Hollywood films in the last decade. This comedy adaptation of Sherlock Holmes received negative reviews for its humor and execution.

1) Holmes & Watson (2018)

It earns its place among the decade's worst Hollywood films due to its critical reception and storytelling flaws.

2) Gotti (2018)

This crude comedy failed to resonate, leaving audiences and critics alike questioning its humor and execution.

3) Bucky Larson: Born to Be  a Star (2011)

This finds Itself Among the Lowest Lows of Hollywood's Last Decade.

4) The Emoji Movie (2017)

This adaptation failed to capture the essence of its source material, leaving both audiences and critics disappointed.

5) Left Behind (2014)

Its controversial approach and poor execution garnered widespread criticism.

6) Loqueesha (2019)

The disjointed and offensive sketches failed to deliver laughs, disappointing audiences and critics alike.

7) Movie 43 (2013)

Despite its popularity, the series faced criticism for its portrayal of relationships and storytelling.

8) Fifty Shades of Grey franchise (2015-18)

A Cringeworthy Addition to the Decade's Worst Hollywood Films. The film's humor and execution disappoint.

9) Jack and Jill (2011)

It is widely regarded as one of the worst Hollywood films of the last decade.

10) The Last Airbender  (2010)

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