Must-Watch Romantic Korean Films on Netflix 2023

A historical romance between a crown prince and a cross-dressing eunuch.

1) Love in the Moonlight

Two people with disabilities form an extraordinary bond in this touching love story.

2) Always

A college romance exploring self-acceptance and love beyond appearances.

3) My ID is Gangnam Beauty

A tearjerker about unrequited love and second chances, showcasing the power of emotions.

4) More Than Blue

Spanning years, this film narrates a fated love story through changing times.

5) Tune in for Love

A series delving into the complexities of modern relationships and true love's challenges.

6) One Spring Night

A unique romance where one person wakes up in a different body every day.

7) The Beauty Inside

Love, dreams, and business intertwine in this K-drama that follows young entrepreneurs.

8) Start-Up

A quirky yet relatable tale of two people navigating the unexpected turns of romance.

9) Crazy Romance

This series portrays a realistic journey of love rekindling between childhood friends.

10) Something in the Rain

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