Top 10 Netflix Horror Movies for Fans: Must-Watch Picks

Psycho is a classic horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock that continues to captivate audiences with its psychological thrills and iconic scenes.

His House is a gripping horror film on Netflix that follows a refugee couple haunted by a malevolent presence as they struggle to adapt to their new home.

The Haunting of Hill House is a spooky Netflix series centered around a haunted family and their encounters in the eerie Hill House.

Midnight Mass is a supernatural Netflix series that takes viewers on a haunting journey within a small island community gripped by mysterious occurrences.

It Follows is a chilling Netflix horror film where a young woman is relentlessly pursued by a supernatural entity passed on through intimate encounters.

Creep is a gripping Netflix horror film that follows a videographer as he becomes entangled in a chilling and disturbing encounter with a mysterious client.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things is a thought-provoking Netflix film that explores the unsettling journey of a young woman contemplating the end of her relationship.

Crimson Peak is a visually stunning Netflix film where a young woman unravels sinister secrets and encounters supernatural horrors within a decaying mansion.

Cabinet of Curiosities is a mesmerizing Netflix series curated by Guillermo del Toro, featuring a dark anthology of chilling and fantastical tales.

The Mist is a gripping Netflix film, based on Stephen King's novella, where a group fights for survival in a supermarket amidst a deadly mist.

Top 10 Must-Watch Movies on Netflix (May 2023)