Top 10 Must-Watch Horror Movies on Amazon

Hellraiser is a cult classic horror franchise that explores a twisted realm of pleasure and terror unleashed by a mysterious puzzle box.

A Quiet Place Part II is a thrilling sequel that continues the story of a family fighting to survive in a world overrun by sound-sensitive creatures.

The Descent is a gripping cave exploration turned nightmare as a group of women face unimaginable horrors underground.

The Wailing is a haunting South Korean horror film that delves into a police officer's investigation of a deadly outbreak, revealing a dark and supernatural terror.

An American Werewolf in London is a classic horror-comedy film featuring a tourist's terrifying transformation into a werewolf, bringing chaos and terror to the streets of London.

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the chilling dynamics between a mother and her disturbed son.

Train to Busan: Intense Zombie Thriller

Night of the Living Dead: Iconic Zombie Horror

Let the Right One In: Haunting Vampire Tale

Jennifer's Body: Dark Comedy Horror

12 Must-Watch Horror Movies on Amazon Prime