2023's Loveliest Actresses: Top 10 Beauty Icons

Liverpool-born Jodie Marie Comer, a British actress since 2008, claims the top spot among the world's most beautiful women, courtesy of her impeccably proportioned face.

1) Jodie Comer

Ariana Grande-Butera, the celebrated American singer, songwriter, and actress, ranks second among the world's most beautiful women. Her extraordinary talent includes a remarkable four-octave vocal range.

2) Ariana Grande

She is a stunning American actress, model, and singer, earning her place among the world's top 10 most beautiful women.

3) Zendaya

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, the multi-talented American icon, graces the top 10 most beautiful women list, radiating timeless elegance at 41.

4) Beyonce

A famed American supermodel, achieves scientific beauty pinnacle with the Golden Ratio, sister to Gigi Hadid.

5) Bella Hadid

Sole Indian beauty in top 10 global list, Deepika is India's pride. Highest-paid at home, she's a Hollywood ally. Time recognized her among world's 100 most influential in 2018.

6) Deepika Padukone

Her allure secured a top 10 global beauty spot. Unique songwriting sets her apart. Taylor's talent earned numerous prestigious titles.

7) Taylor Swift

A glamorous figure in business, modeling, media, and society. Top 10 beauty. Highly successful with a net worth of 120 Crores USD.

8) Kim Kardashian

Jourdan Sherise Dunn, British model, a top 10 beauty globally. Historic as first black model on recent Prada runway.

9) Jourdan Dunn

Noted in South Korea as model and actress, starred in Squid Game. A multi-talented artist, her creations displayed worldwide.

10) HoYeon Jung

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