10 Stylish Indoor Hanging Plants to Elevate Your Home

Cascading leaves, air-purifying.

1) Spider Plant

Delicate trails of bead-like leaves.

2) String of Pearls

Versatile, heart-shaped foliage, easy care.

3) Pothos

Tolerant of low light, trailing vines.

4) Devil's Ivy

Lush fronds, humid-loving.

5) Boston Fern

Unique trailing succulent, low water needs.

6) Burro's Tail

Modern, draping cactus-like plants.

7) Rhipsalis

Vibrant trailing leaves, various colors.

8) Tradescantia

Heart-shaped leaves on delicate vines.

9) String of Hearts

Wax-like leaves, fragrant flowers, ideal for hanging.

10) Hoya

10 Effortless Care Plants for Low-Maintenance Greenery