10 Hollywood Movies Not Suitable for Family Viewing

This film delves into explicit scenes depicting a BDSM relationship, making it unsuitable for family audiences due to its mature themes and content.

1) Fifty Shades of Grey

This movie features strong sexual innuendos, explicit language, and adult themes as grocery store items come to life, engaging in raunchy and adult-oriented humor.

2) Sausage Party

It focuses on a group of teenagers' quests for sexual experiences, leading to numerous awkward and explicit situations that aren't suitable for family viewing.

3) American Pie

It follows the story of a stockbroker's unscrupulous rise and fall, making it inappropriate for family audiences.

4) The Wolf of Wall Street

A superhero film known for its graphic violence, explicit humor, and profanity, it's targeted at mature audiences

5) Deadpool

This film contains explicit nudity, sexual content, and mature themes that make it inappropriate for family viewing.

6) Showgirls

This satirical comedy features crude humor and uncomfortable situations, often crossing boundaries with its shocking and explicit content that's not suitable for family members of all ages.

7) Borat

This movie is packed with explicit humor, strong language, and violence that's intended for mature audiences, making it unsuitable for family viewing.

8) Team America:  World Police

An apocalyptic comedy that includes explicit content, strong language, and mature humor, which can be uncomfortable and inappropriate for family members, particularly younger ones.

9) This Is the End

This comedy showcases wild antics during a bachelor party, involving explicit humor, drug use, and mature themes that make it inappropriate for family audiences.

10) The Hangover

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