Drinks to Beat Dengue, Malaria and Jaundice

Coconut Water is Packed With Electrolytes Which Can Help Fight Off Viral Fever Diseases

Pomegranate Juice is Rich in Components that Can Help a Patient Feel More Energised and Active

Amla Water is Filled With Vitamic C Which Helps in Keeping The Cells Healthy and Protected

Guava Juice Made With 3-4 Guavas is Recommended for the Patients of Dengue by the Doctors

Papaya Juice is Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Micronutrients that Help Fight Off Dengue, Malaria

Spinach Soup Has Vitamin A, C, K1 and Phytonutrients that Aids in Fighting Jaundice and Viral Fever

Pumpkin Soup is a Good Source of Vitamin A, C, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium

Buttermilk or Chass Acts as Probiotic to Provide Better Digestion, Gut Health and Immunity

Turmeric Milk the OG Solution Recommended by Indian Moms Possess Antiviral Properties that Can Fight Dengue

Tomato Soup Works as the Palate Cleanser for the Dengue, Malaria and Jaundice Patients