10 Best Rainy Season Snacks for all the Delhites

Samosas "Enjoy spicy samosas with various fillings during monsoon as the perfect crispy and flavorful snack to satisfy your cravings."

Banana or Onion Fritters/Pakoras "Indulge in the crispy and flavorful pakoras, made with a mix of veggies and spices, the ultimate preferred snack on rainy days in most Indian households."

Roasted veggies or Corn Bhel Roasted corn with lemon, salt, and red chili powder is a must-have snack during monsoon, while corn bhel is a tasty and tangy alternative, perfect for a showery evening.

Aloo Tikkis Aloo tikki, a fried potato patty, makes a perfect snack for rainy days.

Baked Kachori Rajasthani Kachoris are a perfect monsoon snack, filled with spiced black gram mixture and baked until golden brown. Serve hot with tamarind and mint chutney.

Kathi Rolls Kathi roll is a type of Indian street food that originated in Kolkata, made by wrapping a variety of fillings in a paratha or roti.

Chowmein Chowmein is a must-try snack during the rainy season, best enjoyed at a roadside stall for an authentic experience.

Garam Jalebi Hot jalebis straight from the wok make for a delicious sweet snack.

Bhutta Bhutta, charcoal roasted corn, is a delicious monsoon treat with butter, lemon, salt or chutney adding to the taste.

Paneer Pakora Paneer pakoras, a tasty and healthy monsoon snack, are made with high-protein cottage cheese and are sure to satisfy your cravings for fried food.

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