Top 10 Tollywood Thrillers on Netflix

This Tollywood crime thriller on Netflix is a roller-coaster of suspense and intrigue. It is a must-watch for those who enjoy gripping crime thrillers that keep you at the edge of your seat.

1) Evaru

Delve into the world of suspense and mystery with "Kshanam," available on Netflix. The film skillfully weaves its suspenseful elements.

2) Kshanam

Available on Netflix, this Tollywood thriller follows the journey of a young man as he trains to become a spy.

3) Goodachari

Offering a unique blend of comedy and suspense, "Mathu Vadalara" is a refreshing addition to Tollywood's thriller genre.

4) Mathu Vadalara

This Tollywood film follows a woman who faces a series of life-threatening events while confronting her own traumatic past.

5) Game Over

The movie delves into various genres, including thriller and drama, and introduces elements of mystery throughout.

6) Awe!

If you enjoy thrillers that blend relatable characters with engaging narratives, this film is a great choice.

7) Uma Maheswara  Ugra Roopasya

This Tollywood thriller on Netflix provides an enjoyable viewing experience for those who appreciate unconventional detective narratives.

8) Agent Sai  Srinivasa Athreya

Immerse yourself in the suspenseful world of "Gatham," a psychological thriller available on Netflix.

9) Gatham

Explore the realm of crime-solving with "Hit: The First Case," a Tollywood thriller available on Netflix.

10) Hit: The First Case

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