Top 10 Foreign Thrillers on Netflix 2023

Time-travel mystery engulfs a small town.

1) Dark (Germany)

Intricate heist and hostage drama.

2) Money Heist (Spain)

Gentleman thief seeks revenge and justice.

3) Lupin (France)

Post-apocalyptic survival with a viral twist.

4) The Rain (Denmark)

Intense undercover operation in the Middle East.

5) Fauda (Israel)

Political intrigue in Danish parliament.

6) Borgen (Denmark)

Dark secrets unravel at an exclusive school.

7) Elite (Spain)

Crime and corruption in 1920s Berlin.

8) Babylon Berlin (Germany)

Cross-border crime investigation.

9) The Bridge (Sweden/Denmark)

Heist saga with twists and tension.

10) La Casa de Papel (Spain)

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