Vibrant Ranveer with Charming Alia Lit Up the Koffee With Karan S7

Vibrant Ranveer with Charming Alia Lights Up the Koffee With Karan S7 Ep-1

Zestful and animated Ranveer Singh and the always charming Alia Bhatt turned the season opener for Koffee With Karan a banger of an episode. Their segment with the host, Karan Johar, had everything from the silliest of laughs to the talks that shared the intricacies of love and life. Ranveer and Alia, known for candidly speaking their hearts out, were their unfiltered selves on Koffee With Karan. Their quick-witted answers are just what you need to hear to add fireball energy to your weekend.

7 best moments of Ranveer and Alia in Koffee With Karan:

ranveer alia koffee with karan season 7 best moments

1- Ranveer’s energetic talk at the beginning

Ranveer started the Koffee With Karan with his vigour and unabashed nature. He brought his inextinguishable energy and made Karan a big blush with his quirky and hilarious antics.

2- The astounding mimicry by Ranveer

Who would have thought that of all the people in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh would be the one have a knack for mimicking? He owned the stage when he imitated stars Varun Dhawan, Karthik Aryan, Hrithik Roshan and more. We were just stunned to find out that until now, this exceptional talent of his has not been known yet.

3- Ranveer’s one-liners for everything

Ranveer and his quick-wittedness is something we just can’t get enough of. He has one-liners for almost everything and anything. For instance, when Karan Johar asked Alia Bhatt to talk for 30 seconds nonstop about her marriage, she started prattling about her own marriage. That made Ranveer say, “genius of the year”. All of us were reminded of how the media questioned Alia for her common sense in the early days of her career.

4- Ranveer and Alia’s friendship talk

ranveer alia koffee with karan

Alia and Ranveer had a nice little friendship talk and always gave off that vibe of being the closest of friends. Both of them were constantly involved in banter which made the show all the more fun. Alia revealed that she is still friends with Ranbir’s exes, while Ranveer Singh had a brotherly moment with Arjun Kapoor via video call.

5- Alia’s wedding proposal talk

Alia Bhatt revealed to everyone how Ranbir Kapoor had proposed to her in the most amazing way ever. She recounted that Ranbir chose her favourite spot Masaai Mara and event planted a cameraman who took the photos of her being proposed to by Ranbir Kapoor. Such a cute and lovely moment that made the fans go ‘awe’.

6- The Rapid Fire Round

The rapid-fire round is the most fun segment of Koffee with Karan, and the duo of Ranveer and Alia made sure that this season starts off great with their rapid answers that had fire instilled. When Ranveer was asked who he had stalked online, he replied with Kiara Advani, while Alia said that she had stalked Janhvi Kapoor. Other than that, there were many fun answers for which you should watch the episode cause it’s too good to miss out on.

7- The Bingo Segment

Karan Johar played Bingo with Alia and Ranveer. Both the stars ticked off a set of embarrassing and funny things which were mentioned on the list. Interestingly Ranveer had ticked off almost everything. Alia revealed that she created an email ID called punkbabe_21 when she was only 13 years old. While Ranveer recounted that he had woken up at an unknown place one in his college days.

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