Upcoming Movies and Web Series on Amazon Prime Video in March 2023

Get ready for an exciting month ahead with new releases on Amazon Prime Video in March 2023. From blockbuster movies to binge-worthy web series, here's a list of what's in store for you.


Get ready for an exciting month ahead with upcoming movies and web series on Amazon Prime Video in March 2023. Amazon Prime Video is all set to entertain its viewers with a variety of movies and web series in March 2023. From action-packed dramas to romantic comedies, the OTT platform is gearing up to offer a diverse range of content. As the streaming giant continues to produce its original series and films, viewers can also expect some highly anticipated releases from other production houses. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood or Hollywood, Amazon Prime Video has something in store for everyone in the upcoming month. Let’s take a look at the list of upcoming movies and web series on Amazon Prime Video in March 2023.

Movies and Web Series on Amazon Prime Video in March 2023

1) Daisy Jones & The Six – March 3, 2023

The new series, “Daisy Jones & The Six”, may seem oddly familiar at first glance, drawing similarities to the ’80s film Eddie and the Cruisers. However, it remains to be seen if the story ends the same way. Based on the popular novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, the show chronicles the tale of a fictional band in the 1970s led by two talented yet quarrelsome singers, Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. The band’s glory days come to an end when the duo calls it quits, but many years later, they reunite to reveal the truth.

2) Coach Prime – March 3, 2023

Coach Prime, the legendary Deion Sanders, has worked wonders at Jackson State University, transforming their football program into a fully-fledged athletic institution. In the four-episode docu-series “Coach Prime,” viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at the football program’s historic undefeated 2022 season, exploring how the team and the community came together during a unique season. The series features a range of celebrity guests who educate and inspire.

3) White Elephant – March 5, 2023

As news of Bruce Willis’ deteriorating health emerged, many fans took to streaming his classic films. Amazon Prime Video also seemed to have the same idea, as they dug through their archives to uncover some of his lesser-known works. Among them is “White Elephant,” a recent release featuring Willis in a mediocre thriller. The movie revolves around two police officers who witness an assassination attempt and become targets of a powerful crime boss. Despite mixed reviews, White Elephant may still offer some entertainment value.

4) Varisu – March 8, 2023

“Varisu,” the Tamil action drama that took the box office by storm, is now set to release in Hindi on an online platform. Starring a powerful cast of Vijay, Rashmika Mandanna, R Sarathkumar, Prabhu, Jayasudha, Prakash Raj, Srikanth, and Shaam, the movie revolves around an unconventional plot where the youngest of three brothers inherits a wealthy businessman’s fortune, creating resentment among his older siblings. The movie is a gripping tale of medical issues, love, loss, and family drama.

5) Wrath of Man – March 10, 2023

Despite not being an original Amazon Prime Video production, Wrath of Man is an essential movie to watch this month. This heist thriller directed by Guy Ritchie stars Jason Statham, Scott Eastwood, and Josh Hartnett, who aim to steal a massive amount of money. Statham’s role as a truck driver with exceptional precision is a surprising departure from his typical British gangster in an underground London crime syndicate. The movie is sure to provide an ideal blend of suspense, action, and revenge.

6) Swarm – March 17, 2023

Swarm, the upcoming series from Donald Glover, creator of the hugely successful Atlanta, takes a fresh look at the music industry. Starring Dominique Fishback, Chloe Bailey, and Damson Idris, the show tells the story of Dre, a young woman whose fixation on a pop star leads her down a dangerous path. The series explores Dre’s life, her fandom, and the unexpected, darker places it takes her.

7) Class of ’07 – March 17, 2023

Amazon Prime Video’s latest series, Class of ’07, takes the concept of “high school never ends” to a whole new level. The show follows a group of former classmates who reunite for their 10-year high school reunion, only to find themselves facing an apocalyptic event. With their lives on the line, the former friends and enemies must put aside their differences and work together to survive. Starring Emily Browning and Caitlin Stacey, Class of ’07 promises to be a comedy with a twist.

8) Top Gun: Maverick – March 24, 2023

Experience the thrill of Top Gun: Maverick once again, this time on your mobile phone, as the movie is set to release on Prime Video. Don’t miss out on the high-octane action and intense masculine energy that made the film a blockbuster hit.

9) The Power – March 31, 2023

Although the premise may seem confusing and juvenile at first glance, The Power actually shows promise. The show revolves around a supernatural force that grants teenage girls the ability to electrocute people at will, and while the reason for this power is unclear, it adds to the intrigue of the series. The show boasts a diverse cast of characters from all over the world, all with this strange and dangerous ability that could have dire consequences. The Power is based on the award-winning novel by British author Naomi Alderman and stars Australian actress Toni Collette, who has been a fixture in several Amazon Prime series released over the past year.

Amazon Prime Video promises to be an exciting destination for entertainment with its diverse range of movies and web series. From action-packed thrillers to heartwarming dramas, there is something for everyone. So, gear up for a month filled with riveting content and mark your calendars for the upcoming releases on Amazon Prime Video.

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