TVF Aspirants Episode 05: A Well Deserved Season Finale With A Little Less Climax Value

Aspirants Episode 05: A Well Deserved Season Finale With A Little Less Climax Value

The 5th and last episode of TVF Aspirants are out and available on Youtube for you to watch now. With that said, if you’re asking about how good the season-ending was, or did it disappointed then we’d say keep on reading and you’ll know.

Well! The TVF Aspirants took on a very good subject which is the ‘UPSC’ exams. Mind you, that they are one of the toughest exams in India and the world. Now, dealing with the life of three friends who are also Aspirants, this story will take you back and forth in present and past timeline.

Amazingly directed and written with a great sense of cinema, everything in the show did justice to the show’s core story.

Now, from this point onwards, we’ll discuss the story and review the fifth episode. So, if you’re someone who is still interested in watching or stuck anywhere midway through the show, then take a leave otherwise continue.

Review of TVF Aspirants 5th Episode

So, in the 5th episode of TVF Aspirants, we get to see the reason behind the broken friendship between Abhilash and Guri. Well! They might have overstretched on that from the start, which is why the audience was anxious to know the reason but it was nothing bigger than a usual friend quarrel.

So, it was a little disappointing to see that Guri and Abhilash fought over casual egoistic screaming and then ended up breaking their bond. Seriously, this one narrative is the most loosely written part in the whole series, everything except this is just great.

Moving on, we also get to see Sandeep Bhaiya returning as an ALC officer to meet the now IAS Abhilash, having a higher rank than him. The most interesting part of the story was Sandeep bhaiya’s speech on friends and family that moved Abhilash.

Now, as we all would have wondered, Abhilash do visit Guri and Dhairya’s wedding. They do makeup and the show ends on a happy note. But again, a little something was missing in the whole plot. The richness of the whole story lineup was missing in episode 05. If there were a little dialogue between the four friends or just between Dhairya and Abhilash, then it would have turned into something amazing.

Now, in the last part, they told us about how Abhilash joined back on his job after not being able to crack UPSC. But due to the government’s order of extending the number of attempts from 04 to 06, he gets to have 02 more shots at success.

The last sequence where he just ran away towards his dream of becoming a UPSC aspirant after quitting the job, is just beautiful and cry-worthy. And that’s how the Aspirants comes to an end.

So, if you haven’t watched it till now, then do it as it is one of the best shows from the house of TVF if we’re to talk in terms of cinematography and writing.

Do tell us how do you like to rate TVF’s Aspirants on your rating scale or what are the things that you wish, you’d get to see in there. Go on the comment section is all yours.

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