Traveling during lockdown? Here’s how to get e-Pass for inter-state journey


Before the lockdown period gets more on your nerves due to various restrictions imposed on an individual’s day-to-day activities, then you’ll be glad to know that the government has recently announced several relaxations to lift the lockdown gradually. But to travel interstate, one requires an e-pass

The government has reported a few relaxations amidst Lockdown 4.0permitting individuals to return to typical life. The choices have been taken to ease economic and financial pressure. People have been permitted to move around a bit and visit their hometown in case there’s crisis.

How to get e-pass for interstate journey?

For getting an e-pass, a person will have to visit web site created by the state government mentioned below in the steps. The pass will be created with respect to the state to which the individual has to commute. Lockdown 4.0 is in force till May 31. Th government is however, to report whether it’ll lift the lockdown post that or will consider extension again.

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This economic decision brings along with itself the ease in inter-state movement. Therefore, if you have certain urgent commitments to meet that involve domestic commutation but don’t know how to travel amidst this lockdown period, we’ll help you out. For a successful domestic movement, you will have to procure an E-pass for the same.

How to get an E-pass for the journey?

The Central government eases the process by constructing a common website through which the passengers can avail E-pass. National Informatics Centre (NIC) made the website. Presently, the website provides E-pass for only 17 states, excluding the capital city Delhi.

  1. User needs to visit the official website. Click here
  2. This re-directing service would help you navigate correctly.
  3. Once re-directed, the applicant will be required to verify your registered mobile number via OTP.
  4. After that, upload the necessary documents on the website.
  5. After inspecting your uploaded document, the concerned authority will decide whether an E-pass must be granted or not.
  6. Once reviewed, the applicant will receive the confirmation for the E-pass on their registered mobile number.
  7. The applicant can now access their E-pass displayed on the Aarogya Setu app.

Note:  The travelers are advised to carry the E-pass with themselves while commuting as the security personnel might ask for it.

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