Torbaaz Review: Sanjay Dutt’s Spell Worked Again


Dragging innocent children in the act of suicide bombing has become a trend for a couple of decades. At the age at which a child is meant to be educated and play for his/her overall development, he/she is being trained to waste their life by becoming suicide bombers in these terrorist organizations. To draw the attention of people who are still unaware of this, the director Girish Malik has come with a strong and eye-opening film called ‘TORBAAZ’, which has only one motive to free children from terrorism and unite them with cricket.


‘Torbaaz’ brings you an epic story of an ex-army Indian officer whose only mission is to create a bond between children and cricket. Nasser Khan played by Sanjay Dutt, was an ex-doctor in the Indian army, and in the past, he was posted to Indian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. After getting shifted in the land of terrorism with his wife Meera (Priyanka Verma) and his beloved son Aryan (Preet Bhanushali) brought an unexpected change that twisted Nasser’s life dimensions. It was the time when Meera started doing social work for the refugees along with Ayesha (Nargis Fakhri) and one day Meera and Aryan were caught in the act of suicide bombing by a child when Nasser, Meera, and Aryan went shopping in the local market.ALSO READ: Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Review: A Perfect Show to Put A Grin Over Your Face

Being the only survivor out of his family after the attack, the life of Nasser doomed. After a few years, Nasser came to know that Ayesha has started a new refugee camp called ‘Tomorrow’s Hope’ and he has been invited to the inauguration. The trauma of the death of his family made Nasser bitter and harsh to everyone but after meeting the father of Niaz, the child who sacrificed himself in the suicidal bomb attack, reluctantly, brought a change in his behavior and gave birth to a new thought in his mind after seeing some of the refugee kids playing cricket.

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After realizing that these kids are immensely talented and their future can be shaped in a better way if they continue to play cricket seriously and will get a chance in the future to show their talent on a bigger platform. The cricket seemed to be a way to pull out those children from the hands of terrorism as Nasser believed that these innocents are not meant to be a part of a terrorist organization. Later, Nasser decides to coach them and promise himself that one day he will make them a part of the Afghanistan Cricket team.

Unfortunately, success cannot be achieved without obstacles, and the same did happen in their lives. The leader of the terrorist organization Qazar (Rahul Dev) finds out that a few children are residing in a refugee camp where Nasser is trying to build a cricket team, and he commands his men to drag those children and bring them to him to make them suicide bombers and fulfill the agenda of their organization, that is, spread terrorism. What happens next forms the rest of the movie. Torbaaz is available on Netflix.

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