This Is What A 19-Years Old Army Aspirant Said To Vinod Kapri


Recently, Vinod Kapri, a really popular filmmaker tweeted a video that went really viral. This video is a recording of Vinod Kapri’s conversation with a nineteen-year-old boy. You might be thinking, what was the conversation about? And most importantly, who was this boy? 

Pradeep Mishra
Pradeep Mishra

When Was The Video Posted? 

You might know Vinod Kapri who directed the movie ‘Pihu’, released in 2017. On 20th March 2021, Vinod Kapri posted a video of a nineteen-year-old boy. 

At around midnight, Vinod saw a boy running on the roads of Noida. He then decided to have a conversation with the boy and made a video of their chat.  

Vinod Kapri tweeted this 140-second long video at around 11 pm. Here’s the video


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Who Was That Nineteen-year Old Boy?

When Vinod Kapri saw a young boy running on the roads of Nida at midnight, he slowed down his car near the boy. When the boy saw him, he offered the young boy a lift. 

The boy then declines the offer saying that he would prefer to continue his run. He also adds that he works at McDonald’s outlet in Sector 16. And goes to work this way, every day. 

The boy’s name is Pradeep Mishra, and he is a nineteen years old boy from Uttarakhand. 

But, Vinod was persistent in helping the boy and offered a lift again. That was when Pradeep revealed the real reason that he was running because he wishes to join the army. 

And he also added that every morning he has to wake up early and go for this duty, so he runs at night. Pradeep said that he runs for 10 kilometers every day from Sector 16 to Barola. 

How Did The Video Get Viral?

Meanwhile, Vinod Kapri was recording all of this on his mobile phone. This was when Vinod jokingly said to Pradeep that he was recording their conversation and this clip will go viral. 

Hearing this, Pradeep said that even if he posts the video, it won’t go viral. As people don’t know him and will not recognize him. 

Pradeep also adds that even if the video does go viral, he does not care since he is not doing anything wrong. 

The National award filmmaker again offered Pradeep a ride and also asked him to have food together. Pradeep refuses once again saying that he has to go home and cook food for his elder brother as well, who will be back after his night shift. 

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The conversation between Vinod Kapri and Pradeep ended when the latter said that running every night is a part of his daily routine. And, he does not want to disturb his schedule. 

And just like the National award winner said, Pradeep’s video did go viral. The Public, politicians, celebrities, everybody commented on Vinod Kapri’s post. Moreover, people are also praising Pradeep for his spirit and efforts. 

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