This is How You Can Enable Dark Mode On Snapchat


The dark mode is not just any other feature nowadays, it’s an essential one. With Youtube, Twitter, and more coming forward with their version of the same feature, it has become a mandatory one.

Do you know that you can enable it on your Snapchat app as well? Let’s see how.

All you need to do is follow a simple process of following the given steps and Voila! You’ll end up enabling the dark mode on your Snapchat app.

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Dark Mode On Snapchat

  • Install the Snapchat from the Appstore or Play Store, if you already haven’t.
  • Now, the second step would be to log in with your account info.
    When you’re at the section where you can see your profile picture then all you have to do to start the process is click on the same picture.
  • It will open up to a certain set of options, including ‘settings’ which you’ll have to select in this step.
  • Moving forward, select the ‘My Account and in this particular section look for ‘App Appearance.
  • If you find it just as we mentioned then you’re good to go for the further process otherwise, update your app, and if the option still won’t appear then you cannot turn the dark mode at this point.
  • Now, if you’re the lucky ones, you’ll move ahead and will find another selection that says ‘Always Dark’, choose that for turning your app into Dark mode.
  • Additionally, if you want to change the settings to match your device’s appearance settings then you can check the ‘Match System’ option.

See, that’s so simple and now you have the much-needed dark mode on your Snapchat’s app.

Feel free to share this information with someone who needed it as well. Comment down any other trick that you would like to know such as how to get Netflix for free, or relevant and we might make a new piece on that.

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