The Role of Technology in Transforming Train Travel in India


Technology has revolutionised the Indian Railways, from online ticketing to real-time tracking and passenger amenities. Here are some of the ways that technology has transformed train travel in India:

The Role of Technology in Transforming Train Travel in India
  • Online ticketing: Online train tickets booking is a convenient and hassle-free way of travelling by rail in India. It allows passengers to book their seats in advance and avoid the long queues at the railway stations. Online train ticket booking can be done through various platforms, such as the official website of Indian Railways, IRCTC, or other authorised agents and apps, such as redRail. One of the important features of online train ticket booking is the PNR, which stands for Passenger Name Record. PNR helps passengers to check the status of their booking, such as confirmed, waitlisted, or cancelled. Train PNR status can be checked online through various websites or apps, or by sending an SMS to 139.
  • Real-time tracking: Real-time tracking is another feature that enhances the safety and efficiency of train operations in India. It uses GPS and other technologies to monitor the movement and location of trains on the network.
  • Passenger amenities: Passenger amenities are the facilities and services that make train travel more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers. Technology has played a key role in improving the passenger amenities in Indian Railways, such as:
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is available at more than 6,000 railway stations across India, and also on some trains, such as Tejas Express, Gatimaan Express, and Vande Bharat Express. Wi-Fi helps passengers to stay connected, entertained, and informed during their travel.
  • Bio-toilets: Bio-toilets have been fitted in more than 2.5 lakh coaches in Indian Railways, making it one of the largest green initiatives in the world.
  • Modern coaches: Modern coaches are the new generation of train coaches that offer better comfort, safety, and speed to passengers. Modern coaches are designed with features such as automatic doors, CCTV cameras, emergency talk-back system, fire alarm system, LED lights, modular seats, etc. Modern coaches are also equipped with advanced technologies such as regenerative braking, which feeds back the electric energy to the grid while slowing down the train; and Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), which processes positioning and sensory data to detect dangerous situations and prevent accidents. 
  • Virtual 3D Platform: Digitisation is transforming the rail industry, particularly in rolling stock manufacturing. Traditional methods with high inventory costs are giving way to 3D technologies. Manufacturers use virtual platforms to design, simulate, and improve coaches, reducing errors. Additive manufacturing is becoming crucial, with ‘Make in India’ 3D printers creating components in-house. 
  • Intelligent Planning System: Efficient fleet planning plays a pivotal role in enhancing railway revenue by reducing empty kilometres, saving time, and cutting costs. To achieve this, an intelligent planning platform is indispensable, capable of factoring in all constraints and generating optimal plans based on key performance indicators (KPIs). Furthermore, handling disruptions is crucial, allowing for swift responses to unexpected events such as crane unavailability or late transport unit arrivals, preventing customer dissatisfaction. 
  • Data Science: A decade ago, excessive train stops extended journey times. Today, data science identifies low-passenger stops for removal, boosting train speed and reducing travel time. Data science also predicts confirmations and suggests alternative routes, increasing confirmed ticket chances by 50%. 
  • SMART Coaches: The railway industry is enhancing passenger experience and safety with SMART coaches equipped with features like an emergency talk-back system, automatic plug-door and step control, and facial recognition CCTVs. These upgrades aim to prioritise passengers’ well-being during travel.
  • QR Codes: Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining social distance is crucial. Indian Railways has introduced QR codes for station entry, allowing contactless verification and aiding security personnel in monitoring authorised access.

These are some of the ways that technology has revolutionised train travel in India. Technology has made train travel more convenient, safe, efficient, and eco-friendly for passengers and authorities alike. Technology has also enabled Indian Railways to become one of the most modern and innovative railway systems in the world.

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