The Newly Launched iOS 14 Having Battery Drain Issues

ios update

Apple had launched the new iOS update (iOs 14) in the last month and another minor update to fix bugs and improve performance is already out now. But, there is a major issue this time and the users are complaining that even after this update, they are facing the battery drain problems.

ios update

Now, moving on the same train of thought, usually, its that Apple prefers customer satisfaction over anything and provides quick fixes. But this has baffled even Apple too.

We’ve seen the same kind of bugs in the iPhone XR models where they were either reverse charging or driving very quickly. Apple was unable to fix it for a long time and the issues got widespread attention.

Furthermore, when the recent update didn’t fix the problem, Apple moved onto a rather simple yet out of the box solution. They put forward a message for the users to reset their device and told them that this is the only way this problem can get fixed.

Now, this might have been embarrassing for a company like Apple to not being able to provide a good tech fix and rather resort to the old tactics of resetting the device. But for the users experiencing battery drain problems, it could be a simple DIY fix option.

But keep in mind, that before you even think of resetting the devices, backup your phone’s local and iCloud data. Which you can use to restore the phone to the current state when it boots up once again.

The fix has been out and people are already trying that, but if it doesn’t work then Apple has to retort to something else.

The reason being that battery is a very crucial part of the device and without that, what would one do, even if they have the latest model of iPhone, right?

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