The New Experimental Features Available to the YouTube Premium Subscribers


Youtube premium has been getting much less traction as compared to its competitors for it’s always perceived as a free video watching website. Keeping this in mind, they always try to boost up Youtube Premium by launching something different for premium users.

This time, the Youtube has announced that from now on any experimental feature that they’d be working on, will be made available for testing to the premium users as well. Earlier, only a selected handful of beta testers would be approved for testing and pushed with the update.

Youtube premium

This comes as an added benefit to the premium users who were already given a set of benefits. The current benefits that a Youtube Premium user gets are:

  1. Ad-free viewing
  2. Background play
  3. Access to YouTube Music
  4. Access to YouTube Originals

The cost for a premium membership is lower than anything on the market right now and comes for a mere INR 129/month for an individual account. But a lower student plan is also available if you’re eligible for that.

After that, one family plan is also there, using which one can get access to 5 different accounts under one subscription. And for that you need to verify that you’re members of a family and login with a master Google account, to manage your subscription.

The price set for the family account is INR 189/month. Which is cheaper than any pack if you break it down individually. The 5 different accounts will have nothing in common that just the master Google account managing their subscription. Meaning the individual using the account would be free to customize their account as they want.

Moving on, the current list of experimental features provided by the Youtube Premium is not that long and it contains these features:

  1. Watching videos with sound and seeking on your YouTube homepage on iOS
  2. Voice searching for YouTube videos on-site (only on Chrome)
  3. Filtering by topic in additional languages

These features would be optional to choose from and would be available for a limited time until you’re allowed to test them out only.

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