The “Made-for-India” JioPhone Next Smartphone to be Released on Diwali


Jio and Google released their joint venture JioPhone Next, set to release on Diwali in stores. The Smartphone has been claimed to be “the most affordable smartphone anywhere in the world.”

On October 29, 2021, Jio’s media release announced the release date of the JioPhone Next smartphone for Diwali. It requires an entry fee of Rs. 1999, with the remaining dues to be paid via EMI over 18/24 months.


The model is set to be a revolutionary turn in the Indian govt’s initiative “Make-for-India,” owing to its accessibility and affordability.

Reliance Retail’s JioMart Digital retail locations will be making the model available across the country for interested users.

JioPhone Next to launch on Diwali

What Makes JioPhone Next so Extraordinary?

Right from the entry-level, the Smartphone gets a financing option, granting equal access and opportunity to digital technology to every Indian.
Jio’s media release announces the JioPhone Next to be “geographically accessible to every Indian.”

During the pandemic period, as everything was converted to the online mode, not every citizen had equal access to opportunities. However, the JioPhone Next hopes to rectify that with this power move.

Another payment option also allows users to purchase the phone for only Rs. 6499 without financing.*

Features of JioPhone Next

Pragati OS

The JioPhone Next makes a pioneering move by incorporating the Pragati OS, an optimized version of Android, tailored specifically to the working of this Smartphone.



The processor derives from the Qualcomm processor that delivers optimized connectivity and optimizations in device performance, audio, and battery.

Voice First Capabilities

This feature will make technological advancements more accessible to diverse Indian users. It allows them to operate the device with the help of Google Assistant in a language they’re comfortable with.

Translate Now

The functionality of this feature enables users to read content in their preferred language. Additionally, it also facilitates the translation of any screen into the ten most spoken Indian languages.

Nearby Share

Sharing content on the go can be a hassle when you’re offline. This feature enhances the user experience by letting them share content even without the internet.

Smart Camera

Photography in various modes is made easier via the function of this feature. It allows users access to Portrait mode photography. Moreover, capturing photos in low light conditions is made easier using the Night mode. Custom Indian-themed lenses enhance the selfie experience as well.

Jio is on the path to fulfilling the ultimate Digital India dream by making these facilities available to a wider audience, previously barred from such opportunities due to many hindrances.

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In an attempt to blur out the lines separating the various sects of the country, this collaboration with Google seeks to unite the general public of India.

Vast knowledge and opportunities are merely a swipe away with the JioPhone Next in hand.


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