The era of newspapers will be gone in the next five years.

The era of newspapers will be gone in the next five years.”USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future, a US-based printing firm stated

The statement still hails over the journalism community. The traditional way of spreading news has become non-dominant and being replaced by digital ones.

Now, one questions still remain that if digital media is that strong in spreading news, then why newspaper like Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar or even big names such as Times of India or The Deccan Herald, haven’t stopped their printing presses yet?

Let’s get to the answer and find out why digital media is seemingly dominant but print media, like the newspaper itself, hasn’t been washed out and why it won’t in the near future too!

The era of newspapers


News is distributed in a vast amount and the audience is the whole world, for who wouldn’t want the news, right? Now, According to Bloomberg, 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active users of any of the social platforms present. This is a big number and one could easily say that millennials rule the category of being digitally active.

In contrast to this, paperbacked medium manages to keep a steady pace. With the world’s top 3 newspaper agencies- The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post combines for 28.5 million copies sold every day, which rises to 30.8 million on Sundays.

Talking about the Indian market, Major newspaper leaders recorded 425 Million readers in the end month of 2019. Dainik Jagran holds the top shelf with 20.258 million copies in 2019. Dainik Bhaskar is the most read newspaper, the company claims to sell 3.89 million copies every day. 

The audience for the newspaper has never gone down since day one. And maybe digital medium seemingly gave off the impression that it can wipe print media but number tells a different story altogether.


Digital platforms are easily accessible as compared to paperbacks. They can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and computers without much hassle. The availability of newspapers is cornered to shops, offices, libraries, and households but in a country like India internet is yet to reach to each and every individual so newspaper still takes over digital news.

Geographical aspect

Now, to get the newspaper accessible, there are a lot of forces at work, starting from the printing press to the newspaper hawker, it all has to be in sync for managing one day’s delivery of the newspaper.

A lot of effort goes into the process and it’s equally valued in a certain geographical location such as remote states of Uttrakhand or Himachal. Individuals wait for the 2-day old newspaper for they don’t have a 4G network girl hogging them over with events from the world and have to rely on the newspaper.

Time Effectiveness

The content delivered by digital media is pragmatic. It saves time and reaches out to every corner of the industry. This helps you reach out to influencers, key online and offline media and industry experts. Digital media have eased out the delivery of information.

This is one thing, which could never be matched by a print media and would be a probable cause of doom. The reason being, individuals being attracted towards instant gratification and waiting is a thing of the past now.


Unlike newspapers, digital media has some loopholes in it. The news on digital platforms spread disguised in a wildfire. There are chances of a misleading outcome or false claims goes viral in seconds.

There is less time for correction if required and the news has been already viral before it can be corrected.

Newspaper publishing includes vetting and checking the information thoroughly before putting it out to the world. For they don’t have a chance to re-edit once something is printed and they take care that the information is factually correct up to a certain point.

So, for individuals who would want to believe what they are reading and not always doubt the information, they get a copy of the newspaper on their front door every day.



Digital media followers will only grow in number and newspaper readers would get into the minority someday, which is sure to happen event.  Being aware of the fact, newspaper organizations like TOI and Dainik Jagran, have shited platforms as well.

When you see the same newspaper being available instantly on the app and also, on your door, you’d go for the digital one. And they know that, which is why they bring you the best of both worlds, by being present in every market sector.

Now, should we condemn them for not giving attention to the traditional way of sharing news via newspaper, really? is there any need. Like, see for your self, you have a phone, a tablet or whatever and you’re reading this article piece right now, aren’t you?

So, it’s a good thing that they are omnipresent for everyone and while the digital news can’t even compare to the feeling of crackling sound of newspaper and its odd smell, which feels like the is getting delivered in a special package to your door.

But it does have its advantages as well. Let’s see what future holds for us and for now, the paper is not going anywhere soon, even if it’s used to pack the street food which you’ve brought home the last weekend.

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