The 4 Most Popular Online Casino Games in India


India has now become the world’s most populous country. It also has a legal online gambling market, making it one of the largest markets for casino games on earth. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the most popular online casino games in India right now. We’ll also explore how they work in an online setting on platforms like Dailyspins Casino

First, let’s look at the popularity of gambling in India. 

Online Gambling in India

India’s legal framework in relation to gambling is complex. Existing legislation focuses heavily on physical gambling, such as brick-and-mortar casinos, horse racing, and slot machines.

These laws stem from a time when India was subject to egregious colonization, and little has been enacted in the way of online betting, leaving it in something of a gray area. 

However, the individual states that makeup India have the authority to control their own laws in relation to betting. Some, such as Maharashtra, have outlawed betting altogether. Others, such as Goa, have sought to regulate. 

However, international betting companies can operate subject to Indian laws, so players can enjoy a range of casino games.

As for its popularity, the Indian market is anticipated to generate US$0.82 billion in revenue in 2023, with an anticipated annual growth rate (CAGR 2023–2027) of 7.86%. 

This translates to an annual output of around US$1.11 billion by the year 2027. In 2018, the annual revenue was just US$0.35 billion, so popularity is rising. 

Let’s look at what people are playing.


In India, the only games that are permitted are those of skill, not those of pure chance. As a result, one of the most popular games in the country is poker. 

A good degree of skill is involved when it comes to playing this card game, with players required to assess the likelihood of winning as well as navigating their way through the mind games employed by opposing players. 

Poker is so popular in India that the state of Nagaland issued the first-ever poker-only license to a website, allowing it to create a very-focused online casino. 

There are, of course, different ways to play poker. One of the most popular is Texas Hold ‘Em. 

The game is quite straightforward to play. Each player gets a set of cards and rounds of betting follow. The goal is to place bets based on the strength of your hand, or you can bluff and convince others you have good cards and get them to fold. 

Key hands include pairs, straights, and flushes. It’s all about strategy, bluffing, and reading opponents.


Like poker, rummy is regarded in India as a game of skill. It therefore enjoys legal status and is a popular form of entertainment in the country. It’s also seen a number of rummy-specific websites open. 

Rummy is a card game in which the aim is to form sets or runs of cards. Each player is dealt a hand, and the objective is to meld your cards into valid combinations. A set is three or four cards of the same rank. A run is three or more sequential cards of the same suit. 

Players can draw and discard cards to improve their hands and minimize points. The game ends when someone “goes out” by getting rid of all their cards.

A simple and fun game to play, rummy is one of the most popular online casino games in India.


Though classed as a game of chance under Indian gambling laws, it’s possible to play roulette online with international casinos in certain states. 

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Players place bets on the outcome of a ball landing in a numbered segment on a spinning wheel. Each segment also has one of two colors: red or black. Players can bet on the color of the segment the ball will land on, and also whether it will be an odd or even number. 

Given its simplicity, roulette has become one of the most popular casino games to play.


Blackjack is another game that is classed as one of chance under Indian laws, but you can play with international casinos. It’s one of the most popular games to play for its simplicity.

Players are dealt two cards and have to get as close to a total score of 21. They bet against the dealer, not against other players. Games are quick, which is a big draw for many people.

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