Telegram New Update Allows Its Users to Transport Chat History from Other Apps

Telegram update

Telegram update has got users eyes on it yet again. It has been almost three-weeks after the announcement of the new privacy policy of WhatsApp that made everyone cautious about their privacy and data which the company was determined to share with its parent company – Facebook. The occurrence of huge mishaps like chat links of private WhatsApp groups was seen on Google led users to switch to other messaging apps.

If we talk about other messaging apps, then telegram would be the one that is famous and widely used other than WhatsApp. Its privacy policy is quite simple and completely reliable when it comes to verifying whether your data is secured or not.

Telegram v7.4.0 – Migration of chat becomes easy

Recently the app company has launched its new version with some major modifications which will be much appreciated by many users. The new Telegram update v7.4.0 brings you the most exciting feature that will surely make you switch to Telegram from any other messaging app that you might be using currently. This new update allows you to transfer or migrate your chat history from other messaging apps like WhatsApp to Telegram for both Android and iOS users. The new chat migration feature works for both individual and group chats.

Other essential features

Other than this major feature, the new Telegram update v7.4.0 also offers more chat deletion options, which that means, now a user can remove chats and calls from both sides and can delete groups for all participating members. Earlier users faced difficulties during voice chats as they could not adjust the volume levels, but now the problem has been resolved, and can easily switch to appropriate volume levels when talking to an individual or in a group voice chat.

The user can also save their time by fast-forwarding or rewinding music playback speed within the built-in audio player.

Reporting an account or fake channels and groups has become easy now. Now users will get a chance to greet their loved ones with new animations and stickers and there are also improvements for accessibility users with TalkBack and VoiceOver.

New Biometric Authentication Feature from WhatsApp for Logging in on Your Desktop

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