Special Ops 1.5 Review: Get ready, Himmat Singh is back in action


The program Special Ops 1.5 cast Kay Kay Menon, will premiere on the Disney + Hotstar platform on Nov 12. This season, Aftab Shivdasani will accompany him in protecting the country. Read more to find out about Special Ops 1.5 Review

What Is Special Ops 1.5 All About?

We discovered Himmat Singh last year. An R&AW officer that does not follow a regulation or protocol and is just concerned with getting his job done to keep the nation secure. On the verge of retirement, he resolves a case that has kept him awake for nearly two decades. As we continue ahead, or rather past, because 1.5 leads us back to a period when Himmat Singh was not the man we currently know and what makes him the most lethal R&AW officer. Himmat had been keeping a mystery from us all along.


Special Ops 1.5 Review – Positive side

In season 1.5, we meet Himmat, who may not be the man we knew in season 1. He was only an intelligence operative with no power until the day he chose to seize control. Special Ops 1.5, scripted by Neeraj Pandey alongside Benazir Ali Fida and Deepak Kingrani, addresses contemporary events and is placed in a post-pandemic environment. The narrative follows the same formula, with a new investigation launched into Himmat, but this time for long. Vinay Pathak takes a seat and narrates his experience.

We understand how the 2001 Parliamentary attacks triggered Himmat’s investigation into a case that no one else trusted. Season 1.5 discusses his inspiration. We delve into Himmat’s personal life and how everything transpired.

With each passing day, the spy thriller becomes smarter and tougher. It’s not just about a terrible guy, most likely a terrorist, being pursued by a team of highly trained officers; it’s also about a data-thieving gang that needs to be brought down. In a four-episode run, the show not only travels to countries in search of wanted criminals but also explores the cultures.

The current season’s problem is that the opponent a traitor, one of their own is simply not terrifying sufficient. Last time, we got several foreign settings – Baku, Qatar Dubai, Istanbul, and Iran – as well as a lot of foreign baddies and a handful of cool deaths. Farooq Ali (Karan Tacker),

Himmat’s dashing blue-eyed youngster, wears fine clothes and follows commands while cuddling up to gorgeous molls. This time, we’re handed firangi ‘honeypots’ who romance Indian messengers to suck out confidential secrets with such a blank expression that we’re expected to believe this is the first time this has happened.

Himmat, who passed much of the first series spookily watching on his teen daughter, is given a romantic lead, and there are a few plot twists in this section of the story. Aftab Shivdasani appears as a companion spy and is sincere and diligent, but he makes little of an impression.

The climax is right out of a horrible 1980s Bollywood film, and if you’ve ever dreaded murder by background music, you’re in for a treat. Just as things are about to come to an end, our friend Farooq appears, beating off four highly armed attackers. There is an immediate surge of energy. This is a lot more like it.

The truth is that Neeraj Pandey destroys the fourth wall symbolically as he takes a real jab at India’s leading party He informs us that he is conscious and that his show is situated in the same era as we are. There is no way Special Ops could avoid impacting the nation’s elections, and the creators accept this.

In their direction, Neeraj and Shivam Nair take the chance of concentrating on only a few actors this time, as opposed to the first season, which had a large ensemble. As a result, the chance of the camera becoming monotonous is very significant.

Himmat Singh

Special Ops 1.5 Review – Negative side

The choice to limit it to four episodes per season. Perhaps a longer approach would have been more effective. By the end of episode 3, things have begun to move a little too quickly. The hurry gives the impression that the crew is more concerned with getting you to see the result than the journey itself.

Some storylines are pushed in the story to simply support Himmat’s account and do not appear organic. You will notice it as well. For example, do retirement assessments work as well as they do in the episode?

Given that Aftab Shivdasani was in excellent condition, more television viewing would have been a smart option. Perhaps the character will have more to do in the following seasons.

Special Ops 1.5 Review – Final Verdict

Neeraj Pandey is a skilled creator who understands how to captivate an audience. With Special Ops 1.5, he demonstrates that the show he developed was not a one-trick pony, but rather a multi-layered universe with the potential to expand out into other narratives. Kay Kay Menon elevates Pandey’s primary material to new heights.

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