Sonu Sood Is Now Helping Migrants Find Job With His New App


Actor Sonu Sood on Wednesday launched a skill learning and employment “Pravasi Rojgar” app, targeting thousands of migrants in India who had lost their daily wage work during the Coronavirus pandemic. The app will allow workers to find jobs under 500 reputated companies in major cities in the country. 

The B-Town actor has been on his toes since the early beginning of the virus outbreak in the country. He provided inter-state travel assistance to a major part of migrants, ensuring a safe trip to their native origin when the government imposed a countrywide lockdown back in March.   

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Since then, Sonu Sood has been making headlines with his good deeds and arranging the best at his level. Now, he is back on news, delivering a helping hand to the needy. Launched by the name “Pravasi Rojgar” app, the service will allow the migrants to register and find the best job available on the platform. 

According to the release, the online platform will contain information regarding more than 500 reputed companies related to construction, apparel, healthcare, engineering, BPOs, security, automobile, e-commerce, and logistics sectors, offering stable job opportunities to the workers.

The 47-year old actor also reminds the telltale of these migrants and the barbarism they faced during these tough times. He shared that most conversations with them would often revolve around how they were looking for the right work opportunity amid the pandemic. 

And to cure these difficult situations, he then decided to launch such a platform that could overcome unemployment in the country. According to the reports, more than 122 million people lost their jobs during the pandemic. Such scenarios resulted in huge wage losses for months for such workers. 

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When asked about his initiative and how he would be helping, Sood said, “Lot of thinking, planning, and preparation have gone into designing this initiative over the last few months, to ensure that it is holistic and builds on the work already being done in the country.”

He affirms that extensive and crucial consultations have been made with top organizations. Such organizations will curate the skills required and help in the placement of youth below the poverty line. The app will be released soon and will start the operations as well. 

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