Skullcandy Indy Fuel: Design, Specifications and Other Features That Makes It Special

Skullcandy Indy Fuel: Design, Specifications and Other Features That Makes It Special

Skullcandy has set a benchmark for itself when it comes to sound and performance in the audio zone. Now, if you’re a true audiophile then you cannot miss out on their new Indy Fuel.

The new Indy fuel, just like any other Skullcandy audio device can make you feel the sound of music that you listen to. With their heavily worked audio technology, they can make you dance to the numbers you wouldn’t otherwise.

This is the reason that the audiophiles love Skullcandy and if you’re not one of them yet, then you should be. Let’s check what’s so special about the Indy Fuel Earbuds by Skull candy.


The design is similar to that of the first-generation Air-Pods but it packs in way more features than that. But it has got the true rick Skull candy vibe and if you’re a fan already, then the design is surely going to impress you.

The earcups are customizable and you can pick the earcups according to the size of your ear to fit it perfectly.

Use Only One Bud at a Time

If you’re someone who wants to know their surroundings while keep listening to music or audio of their choice. They can easily switch back one of the earbuds into the case and the other one would work perfectly with your connected device. No need to tag both the earbuds all the time.

Touch Control

The touch control allows you to play with your audio without even using your mobile or audio device. Tap once for a specific action or tap twice for something else, the control in your hands or should we say in your fingertips.


Find Your Lost Earbuds Easily

Skullcandy earbuds come with a feature to track down lost earbuds with the use of the app which can be installed on their mobile devices. All you need to do is follow the instruction given by the app in case your device is lost. So, one of your worries of losing your precious earbuds is taken care of by the manufacturer itself.

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Enhanced Durability

The Skullcandy Indy fuel is one of those devices that you can use in extreme conditions and they wouldn’t even falter once. The reason being that it’s dustproof and sweat/water-resistant. So, you can take them on a desert ride, off-road biking, or jump into the pool for a little swim, Indy fuel will be there making you feel the music to your bone.


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