Schools Reopening in 4 Indian States, Details Inside


With the hit of Covid, the entire world has come to a standstill. The most unlikely things have been seen during this time. This is one such period where even our institutional industry has seen numerous significant changes with schools and colleges not opening since March 2020.

Ever since Covid began, all our students have been studying from their homes itself. Colleges, Schools, Universities, etc., have all shifted to online lectures and teachings. Students who were to begin new grades in school have missed out on the entire experience of going to school and making some memories other than just studying.

With the hope of better times and a little bettering of the situation, some states plan on opening their schools.

School Reopening in 4 Indian States, Details Inside

Which States Will Schools Be Reopening In?

Many states will reopen schools from August 2. Here’s a list of some of them:

Uttar Pradesh

The government of Uttar Pradesh has allowed the opening of schools from August 16, 2021. Schools in UP will reopen with 50% attendance. The admission for Junior Colleges should start from August 5, 2021.

This will take place keeping in mind the strict COVID-19 restrictions such as the wearing of masks and maintaining social distance. Students will be attending a particular slot where the timings of the day will be divided. Students will also only be allowed admissions if they have the written consent of their parents provided to the school.


Preschools and Schools are set to be opened in this state. Classes 10 to 12 s had the permission to begin from July 26, but now all schools will be starting from August 2.

Punjab has seen a relaxation in Covid restrictions making this opening possible. Even here, schools will only provide admissions if they have the written consent of the parents.


The government of Uttarakhand released an issue regarding this. Schools of all classifications, i.e., boarding and non-boarders, were granted permission to reopen.

Classes 9-12 will open on August 2 and 6-8 on August 6. This will occur while following Covid protocol and only on receiving written consent from the student’s parents.

Himachal Pradesh

Schools have been decided to reopen for Classes 10-12 on August 2. Chief Minister Jairam Thakur took this decision on July 22.

The allowance of other faculty members other than teachers is yet to be decided. They will also allow students to take up queries one on one with teachers if required. All this naturally will only occur, keeping in mind the protective steps we must take during this pandemic.

If you’re facing the dilemma of sending your child or not, don’t worry. You’re not alone when it comes to this. This decision has seen the light of mixed opinions. Some people are delighted over the fact that their children get to enjoy their school life where some fear their safety.

According to health experts, if the rate of Covid cases decrease there is absolutely no reason not to send your children to school. This way they won’t be missing out on a once in a life experience. As long as they follow all the set rules and regulations for their protection there is nothing to worry about.

Let’s hope for situations to get better with every passing day. This too shall pass!

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