Sanctuary Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer and More

Find out everything about Netflix's Sanctuary Season 2


Sanctuary Season 2 has become a highly awaited show since the first season of the web series dropped on Netflix on 4th May 2023. Sanctuary is a Japanese sports drama streaming television series created by Kan Eguchi that premiered on Netflix on 4 May 2023. The series consists of eight episodes, all first released in May 2023. Here we have covered everything you need to know about the Sanctuary Season 2 Netflix release date, cast, story, trailer and more.

Sanctuary Season 2 Netflix Release Date

Sanctuary Season 2 is expected to release in May 2024 on Netflix. Wataru Ichinose plays Kiyoshi Oze, an outspoken and angry young man who enters the world of professional sumo under the shikona name Enn for financial gain. The name of the series was picked to depict the dohy, a prohibited site where wrestlers wager on their destiny.

Sanctuary Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer and More

Sanctuary Season 2 Netflix Cast

Wataru Ichinose as Kiyoshi, an outspoken and violent young man who joins the world of professional sumo under the shikona, or ring name, Ennō for the sake of money and fame.

Pierre Taki as Enshō-oyakata, a toshiyori who used to be an ōzeki under the name Enfu. He recruited Kiyoshi within his stable after he saw his talent during a judo competition.

Shioli Kutsuna as Asuka Kunishima, a progressive journalist who grew up abroad and finds herself transferred from the political department to the highly confidential sumo correspondents’ department.

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Shōta Sometani as Shimizu, a fan of sumo who joined the same stable as Kiyoshi. Although he aspires to be a great wrestler, he fails to build weight by eating and shows his limitations as a wrestler during his matches.

Hiroki Sumi as Shizūchi, a low-ranking wrestler from the Kōku stable with a bright future but also perceived as a monster because of his strength and the scar on his face.

Sanctuary Season 2 Story

Enn, a debt-ridden criminal who lives in violence and with a shattered family, is portrayed as a rookie wrestler attempting to earn his place in the world of professional sumo. As he is scouted by the master of Ensh stable for his talent and physique, and rises up the ranks only for the money, he becomes the object of criticism from sumo executives for his over-the-top demeanour and lack of respect for the sport’s traditions.

Sanctuary Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for Season 2 but below is the trailer for the first season.


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