Sagittarius Horoscope2020, Know More About Sagittarius Qualities

Sagittarius Qualities

If you were born between November 22 and December 21, then congratulations, you are a
Sagittarius. Only knowing your zodiac sign isn’t good enough because you don’t know the hidden secrets and fun facts of being a Sagittarius. That’s why we have summed up everything about you so that you can know yourself even better.

Those who are Sagittarius knows how to take good care of their closed ones as they will turn out to be a helping hand in every situation to other people even if they do not share a perfect relationship.They cannot hold themselves back in helping people because they are very emotional.


They are go-to-go travelers who don’t want to stop exploring the world with their own vision as they are craving knowledge of their surroundings and also, they are smooth when it comes to interacting with strangers.ALSO READ: How Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Life For Good

• Dates: November 22 – December 21
• Sign: Archer
• Ruling Planet: Jupiter
• Element: Fire
• Zodiac Quality: Mutable
Sagittarius Traits

Best traits: They tend to inspire and motivate people around them. Sometimes they can be funny and punch great jokes on you publicly. They want to live their life freely with no restrictions, optimistic (see the world with their own vision, with a different angle and their own understanding), they have a great sense of conversation and you will always find them fair-minded.ALSO READ: Checkout List 10 Happiest Cities In The World

Worst traits: They get bored easily that’s why they cannot sit in one place quietly, they can get hurt emotionally when their trust is broken but still, they do not stop trusting people and helping them. Sometimes they can be labeled ‘weird’ in a group because they have a different understanding of the world.

We know that there are many questions in your head after reading this much about yourself. But we haven’t finished yet, we have picked the best questions which will give you a clear image of what it feels like to be Sagittarius, as you will be knowing more about it in this article.

How Sagittarius are as friends?
If you have a Sagittarius as your friends then feel lucky because you have found a person who will always be with you as a friend forever, who will always be on your side and always be available whenever you need his/her help. They are fun and easy-going when you travel with them, also they will always entertain you. Sometimes they can be funny as hilarious but this quality cannot be seen frequently.

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How is Sagittarius when they are mad?
They can put up a long verbal fight because they do not prefer physical fisting. But this doesn’t mean they will end a fight soon; they will stretch it to a greater extent and may spray poison of hurtful words which could possibly result into unfriend someone even from social media. But don’t worry they cannot be upset that much longer, and they are the ones who will take an initiative to bring everything back to normal.

How to know if a Sagittarius likes you?
Just observe if he/she is making extra efforts to make you laugh because generally Sagittarius people aren’t funny every day and if he/she is trying for a long time then take it as a signal that he/she likes you. They will shy around, play their tricks, and will try to impress you with their funny skills. Be ready to hear a lot of compliments from them.

How to gain the respect of a Sagittarius?
If you want to impress a Sagittarius then you have to encourage them because they respect those who understand them. They admire those who have goals in life and have explored the world. Buttering will never work in front of them because they prefer truth over lies and they even respect people who are truly fair with them. So, never think of lying in front of a Sagittarius, they can easily find out.

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