Reliance Jio Introduces Carry Forward Limit for Its Postpaid Plan

Reliance Jio Introduces Carry Forward Limit for Its Postpaid Plan

Jio believes in doing something new and staying 10 steps ahead of the competition. This is the reason that they have introduced a new scheme in where any user migrating to their Jio Postpaid plan can carry their credit limit with them from the old network provider.

Reliance Jio Introduces Carry Forward Limit for Its Postpaid Plan

This step has  been taken in order to grow their postpaid user accounts. The offer is only valid for users joining the the Jio Postpaid Plus Plan.

Not only that but Jio is is offering this service for free and would not take any security deposit or initial amount for the migration to their network.

The process to do so is very simple and is divided into four steps.

  1. Using the postpaid number that you are going to migrate to jio, send a ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp to 88-501-88-501.
  2. The next step would involve you to upload the latest bill from the old network provider onto the given link provided to you.
  3. Wait for 24 hours before you can move onto the next process.
  4. The process is almost done and all you would have to do now is visit any nearby Jio store to get your new Jio postpaid plus sim. Otherwise you could get it delivered at the comfort of your home as well.

Reliance Jio has been changing the game in the telecom industry ever since. They are not going to stop anytime soon and are always on the lookout for something new.

According to the recent news reliance Jio will soon launch a new service where Jio users would be able to to operate their network during flights as well.

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The existing Jio users will get to use the service first and as soon as it launches. the service will automatically be activated 1 the aircraft reaches 20,000 feet or above if it is supported by by the air craft carrier.

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