Reliance Jio-Google Partnered 5G Device Specifications Leaked

Reliance Jio-Google Partnered 5G Device Specifications Leaked

Google has invested in Jio Platforms some time back and from there on, we knew that they’re into the process of releasing affordable mobile devices with 5G connectivity. And guess what? This statement is going to be realized soon enough.

Reliance Jio-Google Partnered 5G Device Specifications Leaked

Reliance Jio has listed three new devices for the FCC certification. And they’re as follows:

  • Orbic Myra 5G
  • Orbic Magic 5G
  • Orbic Maui

Out of these three, only the Maui device is said to be a device whose band is unknown till yet. It could be based on a 4G or a 5G band as well.

The other two devices would be a 5G one. And this will empower their campaign of 2G Mukta Bharat’ as well.

The pricing at around which the devices would be made available is rumored to be 4000 INR. Which would make it the world’s most affordable and cheap 5G device, setting a record in its domain.

The devices are also said to be hosting a lite down version of Android 10. And one would not see any kind of extra/bloatware apps on the device. Which is done to save the storage space which is assumed to be quite less on a device of this price range.

The production for the devices will be done in the country itself and Jio is planning to make and distribute about 200 million devices in the next two years.

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They’ll be launched in the late 2020 or early 2021. Anything else than this is not known at the current time and it’s expected that we will be getting some leaks or rumors soon enough.

The reason being that Jio has already started the process of working on these devices and a prototype is expected to be launched soon.

Now, with this, they’ll also enter into the 5G spectrum as well. Let’s see what Jio has for us this time and we hope whatever it may be, like every time, they’d deliver on their promise.

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