Price Hike alert on Amazon Prime membership, Save 50% cost now

Amazon prime membership

Amazon Prime membership fees in India is going to hike by 50%. Although the firm has not stated when the pricing structure would become effective, a post on the Punjabi Dime discussion site hints that new and old subscribers in India will notice changes beginning December 14. Users who want to get regular, quarterly, or annual memberships at the original price of Rs 129, Rs 329, or Rs 999 have until December 13 to do so.

Amazon Prime membership new Price details

Amazon Prime membership new Price details

The yearly prime membership would now cost Rs 500 extra, according to the updated price list. This implies that the annual subscription plan, which is usually priced at INR 999, will be charged at Rupees 1499 after December 13.


Moreover, the semiannual membership plan, which normally costs users Rs 329, will now cost  Rs 459, and the monthly subscription plan, which is priced set at Rs 129 in India, will cost  Rs 179. It’s worth noting that current Prime members will be undisturbed by the price increase. Prime members, on the other hand, will have to pay the increased amount whenever their current Prime membership expires.

Former Prime members can keep their subscription at the current price for the rest of their subscription plan. “However, if the price changes, you can opt to extend your subscription at the market rate,” Amazon Prime adds on its website.


Amazon Prime To Hike Prices By 50%, Get To Know The Reason Behind It

Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

The firm also stated that the price increase is the result of the ongoing inclusion of extra features to Prime Subscription. When contrasted to plans available by Netflix, Apple, and others, the Amazon subscription stays the most affordable and lucrative offering at Rs 999 per year.

The subscription provides features such as one-day shipping through, availability of free movies and TV programs through Prime Video, music and offline usage through Amazon Music, and gaming through Prime Gaming.

According to Amazon, the price increase will not affect operations, and users will still be able to take advantage of early sale specials and special promotions. It also provides free book access through Prime Reading. Even after the price increase, the Prime youth deal remains valid. Users between the ages of 18 and 24 will continue to receive additional cashback upon valid proof of identity.

Amazon Prime subscription also allows free 5% loyalty points on Amazon purchases made with the Amazon Pay offer on ICICI bank credit card, free in-game material on famous games with Prime Gameplay, and unlimited access to a revolving list of books with Prime Reading.

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