Pooja Hegde or Hina Khan: Who is Hotter? Comparison through Hottest Photos

Pooja Hegde or Hina Khan: Who is Hotter? Comparison through Hottest Photos

Pooja Hegde and Hina Khan represented the Hindi film industry at France’s 75th Cannes Film Festival. The actresses looked fabulous in their dreamlike attires on the red carpet and stole the spotlight. Pooja Hegde is a well-established actress who has worked in Bollywood and Tollywood and is currently working on a movie with Salman Khan. On the other hand, Hina Khan is a well-known name in television. She has been known for her flawless appearance on reality TV shows. Both beauties are among the scintillating stars the Indian cinema has ever produced. However, if we have to compare who is the hotter between Pooja Hegde and Hina Khan, who do you think will come out on top? Here in this article, we have collected some of the hottest photos of the actresses to have a detailed and transparent comparison.

Hottest pictures of Pooja Hegde and Hina Khan:

pooja hegde and pooja hegde hot photo comparison

Both the actors look scintillating in the above picture. Pooja Hegde chose to go with a turquoise shade swimsuit that looked stunning on her, while Hina Khan was wearing a pink bikini that glowed in the sunlight. Pooja gives off the vibe of a bold and calm actress, while Hina gives off a carefree vibe that resonates with the youth. In our first picture, we have a clear winner, Hina Khan, due to coming out more attractive with her attitude.

pooja hegde, hina khan hot photo comparison

Pooja Hegde is wearing a pink bikini, while Hina Khan is wearing a traditional saree in the above photo. One can interpret Pooja as the representation of the western outlook and Hina as the representation of the Indian perspective through this picture. Once again, we have to go with Hina Khan as the winner because her traditional outfit combined with glittery jewellery and bold persona overpowers the actress, Pooja Hegde.

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pooja hegde and hina khan hot photo comparison

Pooja Hegde is in a black swimsuit while Hina Khan flaunts a glittery blazer and pants. Both are sensational again with their choice of outfits. Pooja shows that she has one of the best-maintained bodies in the film industry, while Hina captures the attention of everyone with her eye-catching attire. We have to go with Pooja Hegde as the winner in this round due to her daring look.

pooja hegde and hina khan hot photo comparison

Pooja Hegde stuns her fans in this shiny Indian attire with beautiful jewellery. She looks nothing short of an Indian princess in this picture. On the other hand, Hina Khan has gone in a completely different direction from Pooja with her simple yet fascinating look. Hina’s eyes are looking straight at the viewers with a boldness that can make her fans go mad. However, we have to decide on a winner, and for this round, we choose Pooja Hegde over Hina Khan.

pooja hegde and hina khan hot photo comparison

With 2 wins for Pooja and Hina, this photo will decide the ultimate winner in hotness. Pooja Hegde slays the Indian saree look in this photo. She looks drop-dead gorgeous in the yellow saree that she chose to wear. In contrast, Hina Khan can be termed as a tropical beauty in this picture. She seems to enjoy nature to the best of her capabilities. Lastly, the moment we have all been waiting for has come as we have decided that Pooja Hegde wins this round and ultimately prevails as the hotter one between them.

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