Moon Knight Episode 5- Review

Moon Knight Episode 5- Review
Moon Knight Episode 5- Review

If you are a series fan, then Marvel‘s Moon Knight has surely been one that you wish to watch. And, recently, the fifth episode of Moon Knight has been released. 

Now, the series has become a really good source of entertainment, right? And, you have no other option than to keep yourself updated with the latest episodes. 

New Marvel Series
New Marvel Series

About Moon Knight

Now, for all the Marvel fans, Moon Knight has surely been a really good surprise. But, the hero here has a very tragic backstory. 

Additionally, the hero’s backstory has a major effect on his current life as well. Steve Grant lost his brother at a very young age and blames himself for it. 

Furthermore, Steve was also constantly abused by his mother from a young age. Now, Steve leads a very normal life while working in a gift shop. 

But, things take a different turn when he starts remembering things from another life.  Thus, you will also come to know that he suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. And his second identity, Marc, is also very important in the story. 

Now, the story begins when Steve has to uncover the mystery about the Egyptian gods all the while dealing with his problems.

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Moon Knight Episode 5 Review

Now, if you are someone who is updated about what is going on in the Moon Knight, then here is a review of its fifth episode. 

The fifth episode is one of the great realizations for Steve. This is because this is the episode where Steve comes to know that he has a dissociative identity disorder. 

So, in this episode, both Marc and Steve reach an asylum where both these identities try to know the truth about their pasts. 

So, to know in detail what both Marc and Steve find about their pasts, watch the full episode.

Therefore, watch episode 5 of the Moon Knight series now. 

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