Mivi Roam 2 Review: Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Mivi Roam 2 Review: Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Mivi Roam 2 Speaker Review – Those were the times when Sony and JBL were the only two renowned brands for portable speakers. Now, along with these famous brands, an Indian brand called Mivi has also fixed its spot in the market with its wide range of electronic products like speakers, headphones, over-the-neck, and TWS earbuds. Basically, Mivi is a Hyderabad-based audio company that has been around for quite some time.

This time, the company launched its new product which is known by the name of Mivi Roam 2. It is a small portable wireless-speaker that you can carry anywhere and on top of that, it is not much expensive as it available online for the price of Rs. 1,139. Its compact size allows you to keep it in your backpack or purse, or even in your pocket conveniently if you are wearing cargo pants. This device measures 10 X 4 X 8.5 cm in dimension and weighs 204 grams.

The front side of Mivi Roam 2 comes with an aluminum body to give a retro look on it. In addition to this, the backside of it is covered with a plastic body with “Mivi” engraved on it, and the sides come with a rubber material that provides a firm grip to carry around easily. The top panel consists of on/off, play, and volume up and down buttons. The left side has a rubber cap that covers the USB port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the right side has a hanger to make it easy for you to carry the speaker. The hanger is fixed and it is non-removable.

The unique thing about this speaker is that it comes with IPX7 dust-proof and water resistance technology at such an affordable price, and on top of that it is a low maintenance device. It is a multi-functional device that can be used for party purposes, conducting Zoom calls or any other seminar meeting, streaming podcasts, and much more. It delivers smooth audio quality and recordings.

One more thing which attracts people is Mivi Roam 2 battery life. The company claims that the device can deliver up to 24 hours of playtime if used at 70% volume, which is a fair deal at this price.

It will be a perfect fit for your house if you are not a hard-party person and want to utilize Mivi Roam 2 for your own convenience or to lighten up your mood with Arijit Singh’s voice or Bollywood Mashup songs with heavy bass.

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