Memes Are Funny, Indeed Not! Here’s Why We Say That.

Yes, we laugh. we relate we share but do we realize? Have we spent a single time on our social media without having a look at some random memes ever? Posts that suddenly give us that instant smile.
Be it a text, image, video or a gif, it’s humour and sarcasm make us want to share with our friends immediately. Well, why to giggle alone right?!
Memes have become a certain part of our social scrolling and it is believed if you aren’t tagging your friends often then are you really friends? JK!
Are these memes healthy for the society, have you ever given this a thought?
Let’s first just take a look at the negatives of memes because we do have so many positives, isn’t it?

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Trolling has become so normal.

It has become just a usual vision on the internet to see some celebrity or any known face being made fun off on grounds of their gestures in some social event or just anything for that matter, a single move of some celebrity becomes a troll. Taking down somebody on the internet by adding funny elements definitely creates an unhealthy environment. Internet is a place where people are free to interact and express their views but does it mean to make something viral at the cost of someone’s feelings and dignity.


Memes are promoting the insensitive behavior of people in society. There is no single day when we check FB or Twitter or Instagram that someone has not been targeted and gone viral. The victim’s mental health is surely disrupted in several ways. Do we realize while sharing those stuff?

Wrong image

Memes crop out the actual story and just portray the funny, sarcastic and sometimes offensive part of it which ends up giving a wrong impression of a person on the society, unknowingly we give in hands for spreading a wrong image of an unknown person who is a social personality. One person is victimized for the wrong reasons.

Making a star

There are n no. Of people who have become internet stars overnight by doing something stupid or something that isn’t well deserving but has helped them somehow, and on the other side there n no. of people who are working super hard to deserve that fame and are unable to achieve. So memes are promoting the wrong people for some reason.

Affecting teens values

Nowadays teens spend less time networking but sharing memes without realizing the impact of the same. This contributes a lot to the making of a person. Teens are getting a bad habit of making fun of others on unreasonable grounds. Respect others and their values are actually taking a back seat.

No one on the internet shares his/her own failures then why to raise other’s failures and make the situation unbearable?
We know memes are funny, sometimes so much relatable and easily available to us but it is us who need to realize that these memes are turning us into somebody who we do not urge to become. Memes affect people’s psychology and therefore their health.

Let’s not use the power of the internet to target a helpless individual rather make it free space to empower others and make it a healthy platform because we are so much better than just laughing on others! PERIOD.