Lockdown Extension: Activities Allowed and Prohibited According to Zone Division


Everyone already had the clue that the lockdown would be extended even after the 3rd of May and well! it’ll not be wrong to say the phrase ‘as Expected’ here.

Now, it was announced on Friday evening that the lockdown will be extended to another two weeks lasting until 17th May 2020. But there’s a twist this time and the lockdown period will differ on various terms according to the region that you belong in.

For those unaware of the regions, there are 3 types in total namely Red Zone, Orange Zone, and Green Zone. The severity of Coronavirus is highest in the Red zone and keeps on decreasing as we move along in the sequence followed by Orange Zone and Green Zone.

Coming back to the main topic at hand, this extended period of lockdown would remain the same for those areas which belong to Red Zone but Orange and Green Zones would get a little relief here.

The running of rickshaws, autos, and cabs would be seen in the areas of Orange and Green zones. Also, non-essentials such as hair salons and Spas would be reopened in the same regions. One could also see intra-district and inter-district plying of buses as well.

The Red Zone though would be treated just the same and there are chances that even after the 17th of May if these zones fail to rose up to the level of other zones, they would have to face the same state till conditions improve.

But still, there are some activities which would remain closed off irrespective of any zones that you fall in. The activities are such as follows:

  • Air Travel
  • Traveling by Railways
  • Metro Travel
  • Inter-state movement via roads
  • Operating Schools
  • Operating colleges
  • Educational, training/coaching institutions
  • Hospitality services, including hotels and restaurants
  • Places of large public gatherings
  • Movie halls
  • Shopping Malls
  • Gymnasiums
  • Sports complexes
  • Social, cultural, political gatherings
  • Religious places/places of worship

Apart from this, the general notification says that if your someone who is above 65 years of age, pregnant lady, having a deadly disease, or having anything which will make you COVID-19 susceptible. Then the best course to follow is to stay at home even if your area falls under the orange and green zones.

Also, the movement of individuals during the time period of 7 Pm to 7 Am would be prohibited in case they are out for any non-essential needs.

There is a section of society that is worried about the extension of lockdown like the ones below poverty lines and those who were living for daily wages. And it’s heartbreaking for some people to see their sufferings and if you’re one of those people, take some time out and go help the needy by any means you can.

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But amid all that, We cannot risk opening up the lockdown for if we do then all those last 30 some days would turn into a waste. The efforts of all our country servicemen such as the Police department and the medical department would all go down drain.

So, even if you’re bored or having anxiety attacks due to cutbacks in salary, isolation, or something else. Just know that there are individuals who are doing even worse and that this is not the time to cry but extend a helping hand.

We are in this together, and together only, shall we overcome.

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