List of A Platter of Telugu Films Releasing This Weekend on OTT Platforms


Due to the rising COVID-19 cases, the release of films in theaters has taken a step back until the situation gets normal back again. That is why, in order to maintain the craze for movie entertainment, many production companies have finally decided to release their movies on the OTT platforms.

This weekend, many Telugu films will be releasing altogether on various OTT platforms, so be ready with your popcorn bucket and beverages.

  1. Saina (Hindi) – Streaming Now

This is the story of International Badminton Player, Saina Nehwal, who was once ranked number one in her sports career. This is the first sports drama biopic of an Indian badminton player. Parineeti Chopra has fabulously played the role of Saina Nehwal. The film was directed by Amole Gupte, but the movie received mixed reviews because of the way the story was executed.

OTT: Amazon Prime Video

  1. Wild Dog – Streaming Now

Nagarjuna’s action-packed drama “Wild Dog” fairly received decent reviews only because of its second half. The story goes like this – A counterterrorist task force agent investigates two simultaneous bombings that occurred in Hyderabad, in 2007.

This epic drama thriller was directed by Ohisor Solomon, the action didn’t attract much audience in the theatres but it will turn out to be a decent watch on the OTT platform.

OTT: Netflix

  1. Ek Kathalo Paatralu Kalpitam – Streaming Now

Pawan Tej, a relative of Megastar Chiranjeevi, made his debut in this film. Three aspiring actors are offered to investigate a real story of a model like a murder. The story seems to have a weak plot, otherwise, the acting is fabulous by all the actors.

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  1. Chaavu Kaburu Challaga – Streaming Now

Kartikeya and Lavanya are the leading actors in the film. The film didn’t do well in theatres and now it has been released on the OTT platform after re-editing. The OTT version will slightly be different from the theatrical version.

The film was directed by a newcomer, Koushik. Let us see how it goes on the OTT platform.

OTT: Aha

  1. Sulthan – May 2

The film stars Karthi and Rashmika Mandanna and Rashmika made her Tamil debut. The film has got potential with ha pretty decent plot but is lacking when it comes to execution. Those who want to check out Rashmika’s effort and her performance can stream the film next week.

OTT: Aha

  1. Roberrt – April 25

Darshan and Asha Bhat were the main protagonists of this action thriller Kannada-language film. Directed by Tharun Sudhir and produced by Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda under the banner of Umapathy films. Jagapathi Babu contributed a lot and played a key role in this film.

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