KGF 3 Shoot to Start after Salaar, Marvel like Universe in the Works

KGF 3 Shoot to Start after Salaar, Marvel like Universe in the Works

KGF 3, a highly speculated sequel for the KGF Chapter 2, has finally been officially confirmed by the producer Vijay Kirgandur.

Prashanth Neel, the director for both KGF movies, is currently working on his next project, Salaar with Prabhas.

Salaar is scheduled to release in 2023. Around 35% shooting of the movie is already done, and soon the complete shooting will be done to make it ready for the theatres.

The tweet confirms that Salaar is part of the KGF universe, and some other franchises will also spawn from the KGF verse to create a Marvel like multiverse.

The filmmakers are hinting at making it a big universe of movies with loads of prominent actors being involved.

The character of Salaar was introduced in KGF Chapter 2, and since then, fans have been speculating the possibility of everything being connected. And finally, the official confirmation has come to make all the rumours true.

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By roping in Prabhas to play the titular character in the Salaar movie, the makers have already made their intentions clear that the Marvel like universe they are creating will have high stakes.

Reports of Rana Daggubati being approached to portray the antagonist in KGF 3 have also gone viral for the past few days on social media. However, if it’s true or not has not been confirmed yet by the actor or the producers.

The official announcement for KGF 3 has already become the talk of the town, and social media is buzzing with the echoes of KGF’s greatness. Will the planned universe live up to the hype it has generated? Only time will tell.

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