Jiopages Features Extends Its Service to Android TV: New Upgrades Bring in Exciting Features


JioPages features is no more for only Jio set-top-box users. The app has made its debut on Google play and can now be run on any android TV devices around the world. 

Made in India, JioPages is an exclusive edition for TV screens.

It functions effectively and efficiently with:

  • Enhanced browsing 
  • Faster Page speed
  • Faster engine migration 
  • Top-notch webpage rendering
  • Systematic media streaming
  • Encrypted connection

Previously, JioPages was and still is available on Google play for all android mobile users. Launched officially in 2018, it hasn’t been that long since its release (about 25 months) and has received a whooping response of up to 10 million downloads. 

JioPages features

But what’s the catch in this new tech? What is it that, which sets the app apart from all the other potential competitor?

Read the following features that are enlisted to prove why JioPages is an app that provides services much more than conventional browsing.

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  • Systemized and curated video section:

JioPages contains lists of over 10k+ videos classified into 20+ categories such as music, news, children, etc.

This introduction reduces our trouble with the search box and eases up the process of looking up or searching for any specific content on screen.

  • 2 Modes of browsing:

JioPages allows both private browsings as well as the default browsing mode. The private mode can be accessed through the incognito option, enabling the user to surf the net without having his/her history stored on the browser. 

  • Regional content:

What’s more is that Jiopages sports its contents in 8 Indian regional languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Kannad, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Gujarati. Additionally, users, especially elders, can stream other language news in their preferred languages.

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  • Read, watch and download trending news:

Jiopages not only allows its users to watch their videos in their preferred languages but also supports downloads of E-newspaper to read news directly from the big screen.

  • Easy access with Quicklinks:

The app also features the tool to access sites with ease with one click anytime.

  • Download Manager:

Much like Netflix, JioPages has an in-built download manager where users can download and store their news, videos, books, magazines and read or watch them offline on their TV screen. 

  • Bookmarks and history:

Finally, JioPages, much like google, allows its users to bookmark websites and access their browsing history. 

Jio Launched Made In India JioPages Browser. Checkout Features

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