Here are some amazing Jio Recharge offers for the month of June


Since the lockdown period came into effect due to the outbreak of COVID-19, people have strated working from home. This resulted in heavy usage of data packs for availing internet facility. Recently Jio telecom industry has announced revision in the recharge packages.We have enlisted the most used and prevalent prepaid Jio Recharge Offers together with their validity, benefits, and pricing for the month of June.

Jio Recharge Ofers

Reliance Jio-Rs 129 Recharge Plan Package

Reliance Jio Rs 129 prepaid recharge pack is so far the most reasonable pack and the cheapest plan available. It offers 2GB data package with validity limit of up to 28 days. The pack moreover offers unlimited and free for Jio to Jio calling, off-net for Jio to non-Jio FUP of 1000 minutes, 300 SMS, and additional subscription to Jio apps.

Reliance Jio-Rs 149 Recharge Plan offering 1GB/day

This plan offers a validity of 24 days and offer 1 GB of data per day, hence it gets a add up to of 24 GB of data. The package involves unlimited calling from Jio to Jio and 300 non-Jio minutes for calling on any other networks. Moreover, if you wish to get 100 SMS every day, then you have to subscribe to the Jio app.

Reliance Jio-Rs 199 Recharge Plan offering 1.5GB/day

This Reliance Jio prepaid recharge plan offers 1.5GB data per day and it comes with a validity limit of 28 days. This plan moreover comes with unlimited on-net calling and even provides subscriptions to Jio apps for the limited validity period. Subscribers can get 100 SMS per day and off-net FUP of 1000 minutes for calling on other networks.

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Reliance Jio- Rs 249 Recharge Plan offering 2GB/day

Availing this plan, the customers get 56 GB of data with the validity period of 28-day. It comes with 2 GB data usage per day. This plan moreover offers unlimited calling for Jio to Jio network, whereas 1000 non-Jio minutes for calling the individual having any other networks. Moreover, the Jio subscribers get access to Jio apps and can get 100 SMS day by day.

Reliance Jio- Rs 329 Recharge Plan

Reliance Jio’s Rs 329 is also a reasonable plan that provides unlimited on-net calling, off-net FUP of 3000 minutes, and 1000 SMS with 84 days validity period. The prepaid plan moreover comes with up to 6GB data and facilitates complimentary subscription of Jio apps for users.

Reliance Jio- Rs 349 Recharge Plan offering 3GB/day

This prepaid pack facilitates heavy data usage of 3 GB of data per day. As for calling, like other Jio plans, there’s unlimited calling available in case of Jio to Jio network. Though on other networks, 1000 non-live minutes are provided for calling. Besides this, you can get membership of Jio apps and 100 SMS day by day.

Reliance Jio- Rs 399 Recharge Plan offering 1.5GB/day

This prepaid plan costing Rs 399 offers 1.5GB data per day for a period of 56 days, and also provides the benefit of availing up to of 84GB of data benefit. The plan even offers boundless on-net calling, additional off-net FUP of 2000 minutes, 100 SMS per day. Just like the other plans, it offers complimentary membership to Jio apps.

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Reliance Jio- Rs 444 Recharge Plan offering 2GB/day

This prepaid pack costing Rs 444 comes with the validity of 56 days. As far as the daily data is concerned, 2 GB data is available per day. The other benefits includes 1000 minutes FUP unlimited calls for Jio to Jio network and non- Jio network. This pack comes with 100 SMS per day. Also, the customer can get subscription of Jio apps is additionally.

Reliance Jio- Rs 555 Recharge Plan offering 1.5GB/day

The plan of Rs 555 offers validity of 84 days. Moreover, you get 1.5 GB of data each day along with 100 SMS each day. Other benefits includes unlimited calling from Jio to Jio network, whereas calls to other networks is available for 3000 non-Jio minutes. It comes with complementary subscription to Jio apps.

Reliance Jio- Rs 999 Recharge Plan offering 3GB/day

For those who wish to get more data alongwith extended validity period, this plan is suitable. It offers 3GB every day data for 84 days– summing up to total 252GB data. The Rs 999 pack has been included recently to Jio’s prepaid recharge plans. It also provides limitless on-net calling, off-net FUP of 3000 minutes, 100 SMS daily, and additional subscription to Jio apps.

Reliance Jio- Rs 1299 Recharge Plan

Under the Jio’s Rs 1299 pack, customers are offered with 336 days of validity. Besides this, it comes with unlimited calling from Jio to Jio network, whereas calling on other networks gives 12000 non-Jio minutes. In addition to this, customers get subscriptions to Jio apps and access to 3600 SMS.

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Reliance Jio- Rs 2121 Recharge Plan offering 1.5GB/day

Reliance Jio’s prepaid plan of Rs 2121 offers its customers with longer validity period of 336 days. The pack gives 1.5GB data. Additionally it comes with off-net FUP of 12,000 minutes together with unlimited on-net calls, 100 SMS per day. The subscription to Jio apps is also available.

Reliance Jio- Rs 2399 Recharge Plan offering 2GB/day

This Jio plan gives validity of entire 1 year and 2GB data is the daily data limit. The pack even comes with unlimited calling from Jio to Jio network. At the same time, 12,000 non-live minutes are given to the customer for calling on other networks. Apart from this, there is availability of subscription to Jio apps and daily 100 SMS.

Reliance Jio- Rs 4999 Recharge Plan offering longest validity

This prepaid plan comes with a validity period of 360 days, and gives 350GB of data without any specific data constrain. Jio gives unlimited calling service on Jio network to its customers. In addition to this, 12,000 non-live minutes are offered for calling on other networks. Moreover, just like other plans, it provide subscription to Jio apps and 100 SMS per data.

Here are some great Jio Recharge Offers for you for this month. Subscribe to our website for all the recent offers by telecom companies.

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