Jio Digital Offering 10 Times Cheaper Plan For MSMB’s

Jio Digital

Jio has always targetted the most common denominator when it comes to targeting their audience. Starting from offering cheaper plans to the Indian data consumers to giving 10 times cheaper plans to the small/micro business, they are solely the main factor for a data revolution in India.

Moving onto their current offering, they have taken an initiative to strike the business domain for the connectivity sector. Not only that but they are facilitating business Jio Digital Solutions package as well.

Jio Digital

This Digital Solution Package includes productivity apps such as Microsoft 365, Outlook email, One Drive, and Teams. Apart from that, you’ll also get Jio Attendance with the help of which you can track down the employee’s working schedule remotely.

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JioOnline, JioMeet, and other apps are also included in the same package. In comparison, if you look at other operators who are facilitating in the same domain, their plans go way higher and provide way too few features.

Furthermore, Jio’s director, Akash Ambani commented on the same and said  “Micro, small and medium businesses are the bedrock of Indian economy. Currently, in the absence of an integrated digital service offering and the know-how to adopt advanced enterprise offerings, they are unable to leverage the power of digital technologies to run their businesses efficiently. Now, JioBusiness will bridge this gap by providing integrated Enterprise-grade voice and data services, Digital Solutions and Devices, to small businesses.”

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It’s time that we reveal the price of the said connectivity plan, so here we go. For a speed of 100 Mbps and unlimited data availability with download speed and upload speed being on an equal level, you only need to pay INR 901/month without Jio Digital Solutions and INR 5,001/month with the inclusion of the same.

If compared to the plans of other competitions that don’t even have a Digital Solution asset, then they’ll be costing you about INR 9,900/month. The said price for Jio’s connectivity plans is 10 times cheaper than others by all means.

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