Instagram Adds A New Moderation Tool For Its Live Sessions


Instagram is one of those apps that have become highly popular. We all have Instagram accounts, don’t we? Also, this app adds and updates many features giving the user’s a really good experience. 

New Instagram Feature
New Instagram Feature

Despite the cool features that we get on this app, some situations create problems for the users. One such big problem is that of the trollers and haters. 

Other social media apps like Facebook also have a similar feature to control the activities of such trollers. 

A New Moderation Tool In Instagram

Now, on Instagram, you can go live, where you can connect and chat with your friends and followers. But, one problem here is that people can comment on however they like. 

And sometimes along with the good comment, there may be some bad ones too. This makes users feel bad and uncomfortable. In many cases, the situations get even worse. 

You might have heard about situations where celebrities are often trolled badly. So, this app has recently come up with a solution to this problem. 

Features Of The Tool

A new moderation tool has been added to Instagram. Through this feature, the Instagram live creators can now control the trolls and comments. 

So, now whenever you go live, you can remove the unwanted users from your live sessions. 

Not only this but you can also turn off the comment section or report comments. Moreover, you want to turn off comments for one particular viewer, you can do so as well. 

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Working Of The Moderation Tool

From the name itself you can guess how this tool will be working, isn’t it? Now, for every live session, the live creator can choose a moderator for that session. 

Now, this moderator can be anyone. For doing so, you will need to click on the three dots in the comment session. 

And from the list of suggested accounts or by username, you can choose anyone to be your moderator for a particular live session. Moreover, only one moderator can be chosen for a session. 

After you choose your moderator, the moderator will get a pop-up notification. Also, the viewers in your live stream will be notified that there is a moderator in this session. 

But, it is also up to the moderator to leave anytime they want. 

Now, this feature is relatively new, but Instagram has also said that shortly, more moderators can be added for a single live session. 

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