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Have you ever been there? Felt insecure about something in your life? That’s really good if you have not and it is okay if you have felt like that before or may be feeling. Insecurities have always been the brutal truths of our lives.

Insecurities about how you look? How do you feel? Be it about your looks or your career, about your respective boyfriends or girlfriends…Well, we all have been there, haven’t we?

Ever thought what is that which makes us insecure? How can we be insecure about ourselves? Looks? Hours of spending scrolling Instagram and comparing yourself with someone you don’t know and feeling why not me?! Yeah of course, why not you? But What about why not HER or HIM? (Given a thought?) She/he has not got what you got! Oh, don’t tell me there’s nothing good about YOURSELF that you feel.

Have you tried to control your actions that insecurities lead us into? You might not be aware of the consequences what insecurities have. Insecurities often get the worst out of, you might not know the person you have turn into just because you feel any less about yourself. Stress, anxiety, jealousy are some major consequences of insecurities. You wouldn’t want to feel any of those right?

Your career insecurities only begins when you start to compare it with other counterpart beings in your life, what if you don’t end up being like them, why isn’t your life as fancy as much of complaining then at first why did you choose that career which doesn’t make you happy and satisfied? And secondly, how do you even know the success of others when you are doubting your own? The irony, you can foresee the success of others and not yourself!? HAH? Please work hard on your own self, focus on what you have to do in life, stop trying to match the society standards and get your self that confidence that you will succeed.

Every day, look at the mirror and grab a minute to appreciate yourself, I know you’ll take other 10 just to loathe yourself. But appreciating minute must be purely admiration no mixing of thoughts. That is how you begin to love yourself. When you can appreciate yourself you cannot feel down ever.

Insecurity is a habit, a bug in your lifestyle don’t let yourself to be its victim. You are so much better without it. Don’t encourage negativity instead stay with those who make you feel good about you and space out yourself with any kind of that contaminated vibe.

Meditate, exercise, eat healthily and shift your focus on YOU because that’s what matters.!