I am not done yet Review: Kapil Sharma stand-up special is exclusive for his die-hard admirers.

I am not done yet Review- Kapil Sharma stand-up special is exclusive for his die-hard admirers.

Kapil Sharma, one of the most popular entertainers on television, has made his Netflix web premiere with I am Not Done Yet. The prospect of a Kapil Sharma Netflix special will possibly be unappealing

It was exciting when it was announced, and it remains so now. As a stand-up comedy freak who doesn’t watch The Kapil Sharma Show (which goes from vulgar amusement to weird psychology study). We are eager to see what a Kapil Sharma stand-up special might look like.

What is Kapil Sharma’s special “I am not done yet” all about?

When famed Indian entertainer Kapil Sharma, known for his quips on Indian television. He revealed his first-ever stand-up show, there was a lot of excitement. Interestingly, Sharma is arguably that ideal comedian who combines the TV-watching youth with those who absorb information via the Internet.

The stand-up special revealed a very different side of Kapil Sharma while remaining true to his reputation as a family entertainer. Moreover Kapil Sharma laughed about almost anything in his well almost show. Likely from growing born into a lower-middle-class background in Amritsar to earning one of the country’s most prominent entertainers.

However, he saved the majority of the heavy-duty jabs for himself. There were some barbs at India’s present Prime Minister, whom he declined to identify, but he wound up joking about himself, which was understandable.


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Kapil Sharma Netflix Special Review:

Kapil Sharma Netflix Special Review

Sharma bravely acknowledged his battle with anxiety and how he had to obtain professional therapy for it throughout the episode. It was heartwarming to see Sharma use his voice to express problems that have been on everyone’s mind.

Particularly in the last 2 years, and he was brave enough to admit that, despite his stardom and fortune, he, too, came through it, and publicly acknowledged he wasn’t conscious of it until, as he cracked a joke, he “knew it from the media.”

Despite his rags-to-riches background. Kapil Sharma avoided the oft-used victim/struggle card and was quick to thank his family’s support, notwithstanding all their difficulties.

Some folks arrived in Mumbai with Rs 40 or Rs 50. Likely, my father provided me Rs 1200 and delivered me to Mumbai. He says proudly brilliantly appreciating the assistance of his family, particularly his father. Moreover, it was a constant presence throughout his debut stand-up special?


Kapil Sharma’s debut Netflix stand-up special. It is almost an hour long and undoubtedly catered to a new public, did what it was designed to do. it made one giggle and delighted for the whole of its time. Additionally, without having one feel awkward about enjoying at those gags.

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