How To Use Dual WhatsApp on One Android Device


Using dual Whatsapp accounts may sound fatigued but many of us choose this option. This is to create a white chalked line between their professional and personal information. While one account manages all their business meetings, calls, texts, and file sharing, a personal account includes all your personal contacts such as friends and family. 

Traditionally speaking, using dual Whatsapp accounts on a single smartphone wasn’t as easy as nowadays. Most smartphone brands already provide their in-built features to practice so. And if not, there are some other legit methods to exercise it. Read further to find out how to enable dual Whatsapp mode on a single smartphone with these new methods.

NativeApp Cloning

As we discussed in the above paragraph, several smartphone manufacturers offer their own features of using dual apps. This feature, not only ensure that you have two platforms of a single app, but also differentiate them with an icon or a badge. This makes it easier for the user to identify the account and serve its purpose. 

Different ways to use Dual Whatsapp on Android Devices

Below are some famous brands and the steps on how to enable dual Whatsapp mode on their smartphones:


If you’re a Samsung user, then it is a more commonly known feature to you. Because by the time you install any app, the OneUI must have asked you to enable a dual app option. And if you chose to disable it, no need to worry. We will get it again. To re-enable Dual Whatsapp on a Samsung device, navigate to Settings -> Advanced features -> Dual Messenger. 

The Samsung feature is quite useful and informative at the same time. The One UI allows a small badge icon on the new dual app which will now appear in the launcher. One of the best features about it is that it does not copy the whole contact list from the original app. So you have the freedom on which contact to choose. 


As many of you may already know, Oxygen OS is one of the simplest yet advanced OS available right now. And powering every OnePlus device, Oxygen OS also provides the ability to their users to dual apps. To enable dual app, click on Settings-> Apps -> Parallel Apps. Then toggle right on the Whatsapp icon. 

This will enable a clone app on your OnePlus device. By this app, you can carry out all the necessary actions of a Whatsapp messenger but keeping it separate from the original one. Also, to separate the original app from the dual one, an orange badge icon will be shown on the new one. 


Huawei and Honor

Huawei and Honor, somewhat coincide with the dual app feature. And it is way simpler than you can think of. To activate the clone app for Whatsapp, click on Settings, and go to Apps. Choose Parallel Apps. A list of all the applications installed on your phone will be shown. 

Now, select the app you want to parallel space with. This can be Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger. Simply toggle the option to the right and a new dual app will be created. The duplicate app will be present on the menu with a blue badge on it. 

Some other brands include Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo devices which also allow the ability of a dual app feature on their device. 

Other Brands

Xiaomi users, click settings -> Dual Apps. 

For Oppo users, click on handset’s settings and then navigate to Clone Apps. 

Vivo users may find the option to use dual apps under Settings -> App Clone. 


Apps on Play Store

While each one of the above steps will activate a dual Whatsapp account on your phone. But if your brand is not listed, do not worry. We have a workaround for you as well. Google Play Store offers a tonne of great apps for performing this action. While some of them may be Chinese so you better avoid it, some legit methods are also present. 

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One famous option is Whatsapp Business. Whatsapp Business is a great deal if you want to separate your 2 Whatsapp accounts. Signing up on Whatsapp Business is similar to that of the usual one. And additionally, it offers some good options including automated responses, sending out updates, and adding labels to your contact lists. 

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