How to get best deals on iPhone 13 and 13 Mini: Earn Rs 6000 Cashback now!

How to get best deals on iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, Earn Rs 6000 Cashback now

The iPhone 13 is priced commencing at Rs 69,900, while the iPhone 13 mini is priced at cost of Rs 60,400. Notably, the offer includes Rs 6000 cashback on HDFC bank accounts, both debit and credit cards.

If you’ve been looking for a good deal on Apple products, the Apple Days deals on Vijay Sales might be just what you’re looking for before the close of the year. The Apple Days deal is currently live/active on Vijay Sales online and real store also. Moreover discounts and deal will be available from today to December 31, 2021.

Take a look at the reduced prices of iPhone 13 and 13 Mini and other Apple Products

Take a look at the reduced prices of iPhone 13 and 13 Mini and other Apple Products

The iPhone 13 128GB is available at Rs 69,900, which includes the HDFC Bank card offer. Furthermore, if you want to swap your existing smartphone and it has a minimum exchange value of Rs 5000. Vijay Sales will give you another Rs 3000 off, bringing the total discount to Rs 18,000. When these incentives are combined, the iPhone 13 will be priced at Rs 61,900.

  • After implementing the HDFC deal, the iPhone 13 mini is available for Rs 60,400.
  • After adding a Rs 5000 flat offer on an HDFC Bank card, the iPhone 13 Pro Max Cost at Rs 118400.
  • The iPhone 11 is now available at a reduced price of Rs 43,400. This price includes a flat Rs 4000 discount on HDFC Bank cards.
  • After taking the maximum Rs 5,000 off on HDFC Bank card. Likely, the iPhone 12 is offered at a reduced price of Rs 56299.
  • The cashback deal is only available to HDFC Bank users, who can get up to Rs 10,000 off purchases on other apple products.


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Cashback on other Apple Products

From iPhones to iPads, the iPad 9th Gen costs Rs 26,600 and comes with a Rs 3,000 HDFC Bank refund deal. Additionally, the iPad Air 4th Gen costs Rs 46,900 and comes with a Rs 4,000 cashback discount/offer, and the iPad Pro costs Rs 63,500 and comes with a Rs 4,000 cashback deal only on Vijay Sales.

The most generous payback incentive is available for Macs. The MacBook Air M1 is available at Rs 77,610 and goes with a Rs 6,000 cashback for HDFC Bank members. The Pro M1 is priced at Rs 103,610 with a rebate of Rs 7,000. The MacBook Pro M1 Pro is priced at Rs 171,200 and provides with a Rs 10,000 refund.

The Apple products like Watch Series 7 is priced at Rs 36,100, which includes a Rs 3,000 rebate offer. Likewise, the Apple Watch SE costs Rs 25,900, which includes a Rs 2,000 refund. The AirPods Pro are available for as little as Rs 17,990 and come with a Rs 2,500 cashback incentive.

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